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BOBology Step 1 - See: The Bob Cut

BOBology DVDWatch as Sam demonstrates the bob cut in this video preview from BOBology, the first DVD in The Aspire Tour series. Sam provides you with the hair graduation tips you’ll need when creating a modern version of the bob cut hairstyle.

You will see a short piece of hair there, now I want you to go to your blunt scissor. Which scissors? Blunt. So we are going to use our blunt shear when we graduate. Shear comes in and I cut a vertical straight line. Now watch this angle, this is cool, this angle does that. So I create a diagonal graduation and all in one motion vertical and now you start to see the silhouette of the bob. You can see that Carol, that one angle. Boom! Done. One degree of elevation straight up, donít adjust the finger angle.


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