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BOBology Step 3 - See: Bob Cut Hair Styles

BOBology DVDIn this preview of Step 3 – See, Sam focuses on the movement of a haircut and its importance when creating modern bob cut hair styles. Learn modern variations of classic bob cut styles in BOBology, the first release in The Aspire Tour DVD series.

How many of you have noticed everything is cut blunt and horizontal? Havenít done one texturizing technique, have we? But look at the movement of the haircut, in terms of how it moves. Look at todayís bobs, look at that, it floats, you see how that floats? This is so cool. Excuse me, itís not about you right now, ok? Watch this, this is so cool, here is whatís great about thisÖ when I lift this up look at how that has the ability to flick out and float. So they can take this to go under or they can take it out.


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