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BOBology Step 3 - Do: Bob Haircuts

BOBology DVDPreview Step 3 - Do from BOBology, the first DVD release from the Aspire Tour series presented by Sam Villa. In this bob haircuts video, Sam provides some invaluable blow drying tips when styling a modern bob.

Ok, now move your body, square your body to the next section you are going to cut. Come on over by me Anne you can see this over here. Here is the scary part because itís over the ear. Nice and square. Awesome, good. Now hereís, you be careful of your blow dry, one thing I want you to focus is just on your blow dry. See this? You are giving up on that blow dry to the base to about zone one. You are really good on zone two to zone three. I want you to focus on that. Look at your shape though, look how nice itís looking. Beautiful, good job, give me five!


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