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BOBology Step 4 - Do: The Bob Cut Hair Style

BOBology DVDLearn modern variations on the classic bob cut hair style in BOBology, a hair styling video by Sam Villa, Redken’s Platform Artist of the Year. In this step, Sam provides styling tips for perfecting popular contemporary variations of this classic hair style.

Now watch. Ok good, come over here and Iíll show you. You want to step on this side so you step on the opposite side you want, put your hand there, put the hair there, now do that with me here. Now you just kind of mold it and look at my hand move, so my hand moves and now when I come in Bingo! It will flow! Now you try that. That a girl, looking great Rachael, ok now keep massaging, back and forth, good, now roll it out as you go, good, now come in and do that. You feel it? This is what Iím talking about now, this is some hair!


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