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The Convertible Step 1 - Do: The Disconnected Hairstyle

The Convertible DVDTake a sneak peak of Step 1 - Do from The Convertible and learn the art of the disconnected hairstyle. In this video Sam Villa, Redken’s Platform Artist of the Year, provides invaluable hair styling tips, including important blow drying tips that will help you master the disconnected hairstyle.

Here is the idea guys for you at home. You are taking the blow dryer, you are putting it in your hand and you are working so hard with the pressure on that. What we are trying to do here at Vincent Salon in Fort Myers, Florida, we are taking the blow dryer out of the hand and itís an experience for our new guest, Erika and she is loving it! She is smiling already and we are only on the first step of the haircut. How cool is that?


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