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The 'V' Step 1 - Do: V Cut Hairstyles

The "V" DVDIn this free preview from Step 1 - Do of The ‘V’ Sam provides some critically important tips for cutting a V cut hairstyle, one of the best hair styles for short hair. In this step, Sam also shows you how to avoid over-direction when styling short hair. The ‘V’ DVD focuses on modern V cut hairstyles and is the third installment from The Aspire Tour series by Sam Villa.

We have a natural habit to look through the section and try to see the guideline and then we think itís there and you cut it. So what do you do? You keep combing it on top until you see a clean line and then you cut it, right? Now what youíve done because youíve combed it on top youíve dropped the elevation and youíve over-directed too much. If there is one story I want to get across in step one is that, itís all about the habit of the way you comb the hair. The combs. Remember my friends we have the fine teeth of the comb and the wide teeth. The fine teeth when we are graduating hair, you have more attention and more control. The wide teeth when we are cutting one length hair as a six panel bob because you have less tension. Also remember, there is a little sectioning clip on the end of the comb that helps you slice to section. Lastly, two different colors: ivory and black. Ivory when Iím cutting dark hair and black when Iím cutting light hair. It allows me to see my finger angle. Critical, critical little things that make a big difference. Letís get back to the class!


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