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The 'V' Step 3 - Do: The V Haircut

The "V" DVDSam introduces bold new angles and shapes in a series of fresh, shorter V haircut styles in The ‘V’, the third DVD from The Aspire Tour series. In this preview of Step 3 - Do from The ‘V’, Sam delivers important advice for creating the modern V haircut.

I love it. Check it out, look at that. Now see how you cannot tell thatís disconnected? Look at that my friends, give me five, you did a great job on this. Look at then now. Look at the degree of shortness thatís flowing around that. Look at that. Thatís looking great. Can you see what Iím talking about? How they can get that frothy. Just beautiful job you did. Now get this straight up off the head. Now thatís better, good. Ok, now freeze. Now freeze this knuckle right there and Iím going to move your finger where it needs to be. You feel the hair slide down here? Yes. Ok, now cut. Now when I say freeze after you cut it, I want you to freeze. Freeze.


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