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The 'V' Step 4 - See: How to Section Hair

The "V" DVDLearn the importance of sectioning hair in this preview of Step 4 - See from The ‘V’, the latest DVD in The Aspire Tour series by Sam Villa. In this short haircut video you will learn how to section hair when cutting the V-Cut.

Ok, look what Iím getting, you see that? Now Iím going to start to work on my front and lighten up my front. So Iím going to come through here, take a diagonal section, bring it over to me. Take the blunt scissors. When I want the hair to go under, the blunt bladeís on the bottom. When I want the hair to flip up, the blunt blade goes on top. Now the blender Iíve made for you itís reversible, so it can reverse. So Iím going to take the blunt blade at the bottom in this particular case only because Iím going to weave it. So Iím here, I donít want to take out that mass of hair so Iím going to weave out what Iím going to take out, close, open, backstroke, open, backstroke. Ready, one, two, threeÖ yes!


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