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In this comprehensive video Sam Villa takes you through the salon Client Consultation process including some invaluable tips for building your wealth. With over 20 years experience as a salon owner, Sam provides important client consultation advice and general hair stylist etiquette that you won’t want to miss. Sam also provides you with the communication techniques needed to truly master the hair stylist consultation.

In your consultation there are two types of communication: One is effective and the second type, take a wild guess at it, ineffective. So now letís talk about what we mean by both of these. When you look at communication, here is 100% of communication, another 100% of communication. 20% of effective communication would be talking and 80% would be what? Listening! Excellent! Listening. An effective consultation is listening. Yet an effective consultation is the art of questioning. You want to control the conversation, you ask questions. ĎSam, did you see Brokeback Mountain? It was great! Iím so glad it finally won an Oscar. Did you see the Oscars? Did you hear what he had to say? Bla bla bla.í ĎI saw Brokeback Mountain, I loved it, well written, loved the menís hair. Did you see the high fades and the low fades? Theyíre awesome in the mens hair. Bring your boyfriend. Who took over the conversation right there? I did. You see what I did? I listened to what they had to say but my response was based back on hair. Itís 80% hair, 20% personal. Let me repeat that: 80% hair, 20% personal when they get to your chair. In other words ĎSam, you got a bit of personal in there?í You bet I do because that shows genuine concern. It shows you are a real person. Now look at ineffective communication. 20% of thisÖ you are going to get this now, 20% of ineffective communication would consist of what? Listening. Thank you! You got it! Would consist of listening and 80% of ineffective would be what? Talking. Two reasons why people left that salon and came here, you want to know why? Because they cut their hair too short and they talk too much about themselves. Let me repeat that; they got their hair cut too short, the person didnít what? Listen. And secondly talked about themselves the entire time. That person got up and said - Iím never going back to that person or back to that salon. Round of applause if you are with me so far, good? All right thenÖ back to the consultation. Do you use a mousse, a lotion or a gel? If she says she uses a mousse, what does that tell you? Volume! Thank you Louise. If she says lotion, what does that tell you? Smooth and sleek and soft. If she uses a gel, what does that tell you? She likes its hold. So guess what Iím going to do? Now itís time for me to service her. Now Iím going to have her go into a gown. Guess what Iím doing while she is changing into her gown. Iím getting all the product that Iím going to use, now goes to my station. My station was clean, had nothing on it when she sat there, nothing. Had nothing on it. What I did was I went to the community back bar for styling products and grabbed everything I needed, put it in the bag and now whatís sitting here? Vincent Salon retail bag with everything that Iím going to use in it. She sits while I go shampoo herÖ what am I talking about at the shampoo bowl? Shampoo and conditioner. When she comes back Iím now reaffirming why I used that. I told her what I was using, how I was using it, now Iím talking to her about why to use that. Everybody with me so far? Then I turn around and guess what Iím pulling out of the bag? Iím pulling out everything Iím going to use on her. This bag is a special bag for you based upon our consultation. These are what Iím going to use on you today and Iím going to explain everything that I use. Now you have a choice to take whatever youíd like to take home today. But Iím explaining to you why itís important. You must understand Erika; product is not an option, itís a necessity. So now does that help to answer your question how I got all the products to my station that fits her needs and my expectations. This is huge, this is huge. The consultation builds your wealth. The consultation sets up your integrity. The consultation sets up your knowledge. The consultation sets up your honesty, your trust. Thatís were it begins. Are you cool with this guys? Then I ask her, are you willing to participate with me in the haircut? She says yes. Hereís how I need you to participate with me in order for me to give you a great haircut. I need you to keep your head exactly were I put it, should you move your head while Iím cutting it I might cut a big hole and make a big mistake and we donít want that, do we? No, no, no. So now whatís she going to do with her head? Keep it. Have you ever cut somebody and they are like following the scissors and they are like this or have your ever cut somebody and they are like this, and they are measuring, and like - this point is longer than that! Disconnection! You better be pulling from the exact same spot and then remember that those are rounded and asymmetricalÖ chances areÖ hey, your haircutÖ two simple statements my friends, your haircut will balance for you and function for you. Haircuts today do not have to blend. When theyÖlisten to Samís choice of wordsÖwhen they blend they are too vintage looking. Interesting, isnít it? Who wants to lookÖ did I say old looking? No. But what does vintage mean? Old, old. In other words nobody wants to walk aroundÖ if now my friends, listen, if she demands it blend, what do you think Iím going to do? Blend it, you bet I am! But what I want her to understand is I walk and talk that, thatís why I love what I do. But eventually, I will blend her, but eventually she is going to come around my side of the fence, eventually. Why? Because she is going to get the best blended haircut sheís ever had and she is going to know Sam is awesome. In other words Iím going to win this person through my communication and technical skills. Secondly, I need you to keep your hand underneath the cape. You bring your hand from underneath the cape and you measure and feel, I might cut you or cut me and we donít want that. No. Remember Iím going to give you a very precise uneven haircut. Tell them my friends, tell them. Put your hand out and do this. The reason Iím giving you a very precise uneven haircut is because if I cut it blunt it falls. Because you use a round brush and you use mousse, you like volume, we need to soften your ends. Is this making sense Erika? Yes. Ok now, do you have a cell phone? Yes I do. Should you choose to answer your cell phone Iím going to take a step back and wait until youíre done with your conversation. When you are done with your conversation Iím going to take a step in and I will continue my haircut. Should you choose to answer your cell phone and have a conversation when my next guest comes in at their scheduled time, I will need to move to that guest and Iíll continue to work on you in between guests. How are you feeling? ĎSam, you really do that?í You bet I did, you bet I did. There was nothing worse than them working on the cell phone while you are trying to cut around the cell phone. You know what I call that my friends? Permission to be perfectly honest with you, I call that winning the client over. You choose to win the client over so you choose to let them get away with whatever they want to get away with on your chair, why? Because you want them back in your chair and you think thatís what is going to get them back? You know whatís really going to get them back? Your communication skills and your technical, thank you, your technical skills are whatís going to get them back. Because if I donít have that conversation and the phone rings, she is going to answer it, now I am going to be back here very frustrated. Who is in the mirror? You. Thank you! Who is on stage? You! Now she is looking in the mirror and she sees me all frustrated and pissed off. Whatís her little voice thinking? I donít like doing her hair, Iím sure the little voice starts playing little games with her head. Is this making sense guys? So in other words if Iíve had this conversation she is going to pick up the cell phone and go, ĎHi Samantha, yes the kids are there, yes, the clothes are on the bed, the lunches in the refrigerator, take them to the park. Listen, Sam is cutting my hair, let me call you back, ok? Bye. How cool is that? Because she knows what? How my arena works. Are you following this guys? Ok? Everything that I did on her was written down on the card. Guess what was on the card? Head shapes. So what did my team do? They drew out the haircut, the card went to the front desk, information went into the computer but the head sheet, the card, stayed there and went into a file. Now that person came back in, the days files head cards were pulled out, went to that personís station. Now that person said, ĎI want the exact same haircut you gave meí. Well, Iím glad you said that because I happen to have it right here. This salon is hot, these people stay on top of it, this person knows exactly what he did to me last time, he even drew it out. Youíve got to go to Vincent Salon. Are you following me here guys? Now this is going to be critical in the future. Why do you think that? Iíll tell you whyÖ every person that sits in your chair from this day forward is going to be very valuable. Very valuable. Because guess what? They are going to start extending their appointment times without you even suggesting it. Why? Economy and money. They are going to want to save the money. So think about that, so here is what Iím going to do, Iím going to help you save the money so that my book opens and gets the people that are waiting on my waiting list to get into me. This is huge, huge. How many of you have ever been to a party before? Have you ever been to a party and you are around like ten people, right? And they are going this conversation is going nowhere or this conversation is crazy, right? If you want to control a conversation what do you need to do? Yeah, you ask questions and you can control the conversation. Just keep asking a series of questions, ask questions that you know the answers or were you want to lead the conversation to and you will control the conversation. So any time with a guest thatís sitting in a chair and the conversation is not going anywhere ask her, or itís going to a place were you donít want it to go. Like at a salon last week they were saying ĎSam I have a guy that just talks, heís like, itís embarrassing. You know?í Well, I said, you need to fire him. ĎWell I donít want to fire him because I really need himí. Well I said, you need him for the wrong reason because heís disrupting your people next door to you, the two stylists keep complaining about him because of what he talks about, how he talks. So I said what you need to do is to pull him aside and have a serious talk and let him know. ĎListen, Iím going to give you one opportunity but Iím really having problems having you as a guest and here is why; itís your conversation, the type of conversation you have is not professional and I choose to keep my conversation professional. Can you do that for me?í Oh yes I can! ĎNow Iím going to give you one more chance, if it happens again Iím going to fire you as a client. Iím just going to ask you not to come backí. And she says, ĎHow do I do that? Simple, you write him a letter, you let him know that all his future appointments have been canceled and you are recommending two salons for him to go to. So I highly, highly recommend control, ask questions and you will listen because questions force you to listen. Thank you. They force you to listen. Excellent, give her a round of applause. Thank you very much. Another observation, what about setting up your arena? How do you like that? Are you willing to participate in the haircut? How do you like that? Would you be willing to do that? Ok, so you are asking them what? To do what? To keep their head still, ok. Number two you are asking them to keep their hands, where? Underneath. And that forces you to explain that you are going to give a very precise uneven haircut. Itís going to balance for them and itís going to function, meaning itís going to work for them. And thirdly you are handling, what? The cell phone. Now Iím not quite sure what the policy is here in regards to a cell phone policy. But yes sometimes what Iím really trying to get you as a personal stylist behind the chair to help you to stop working around the cell phone. Why is it that the real estate deal happens at your chair? Why is the lawyer conducting his business at your chair? All these business people doing that. Hey, you are trying to conduct business and they are doing it on your time. Thatís not right. It really affects how you work with them. Cool? Hereís why, because if you allow that to happen I guarantee you never sell that person retail. And you are choosing not to talk to them because they want to talk on their cell phone so you just leave them alone. Thatís called ďwinning the client overĒ. It doesnítÖ it canít happen that way anymore. Take control of your profession. - How long would you spend doing the consultation? Iíd spend as long as they need. - Letís say you only have 45 minutes to do the haircut, you know? Do you spend like ten minutes? I meanÖ - Ok, good question; is this a new guest or previous guest, returning guest? - WellÖ letís say itís a new guest, we get an hour - I spend good ten, fifteen minutes. Good ten, fifteen minutes before I even take them to change the gown. So it depends upon the response I get to all of my questions. Some of them will be an essay and you have to shorten them or some of them might be a yes or a no or a quick answer. So Iíd say al least ten to fifteen minutes. Ok? Thatís very important. Sometimes if itís color itís going to be a little bit longer consultation process, chemical service. Ok? Great question. I love the fact that you booked out longer for a new guest. That means that you are really talking about what are their goals and having a great strong consultation. By the way, setting up your arenaÖ how many times do I do this with the guest? Only once. So every time they are new thatís when they get my whole arena spiel, after that I never have to say it again. Now some of you are sitting there and going, well what if I have a migraine headache already? An existing client that is like that Sam, that when they are getting their color processed, and you have a new guest, you put them sitting right next to you, so now what are they hearing? They are hearing all that consultation story and now they are all like coming back to you and Miss Betty is like ĎOh Sam, I must be your worst client, Iím on the phone all the timeí. Betty, Betty,


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