Twist Cutting Technique: Fringe

Learn how to cut a fringe using the Twist Cut technique; creating a fringe that is short in the center and longer toward the outsides. Sam teaches you how to Twist Cut using a Dry Cutting Shear and a Wide Cutting Comb.

Let’s talk about how we can create a fringe that has a degree of shortness in the center and longer toward the outsides. Now I’m going to suggest that when you cut fringes we cut them dry. The reason being is that we can judge the length accordingly. Our sectioning; we are going to take it from the high point of the head to the corner of the eye to the corner of the eye. Now you have a creative choice on how far back you go or how far forward you move. It all depends on how much hair you want to through into the fringe area, how heavy you might want to make it. Corner of the eye, in this case to the top point of the head, to the corner of the eye. Now we are simply going to step to the front. Take this section. We are going to work with our large cutting comb. Working with the fine teeth underneath, this will stabilize the section. We you go to cut you are going to start with your right hand. So right-handers will start with their right hand, left-handed cutters you will begin with your left hand. Right hand will always setup your length. Always remember, where you place your finger angle, which is horizontal in this particular case, is going to establish where the length is. If I want it longer, I slide down. If I want it shorter, I slide up. Always be aware of that. Today we are going to go at the bridge of the nose. Now from here all we are simply going to do is: right-handers you turn to the left, left-handers you will turn to the right. We will now, right-handers, bring your left hand over your right hand, hand it directly to your left hand and continue to twist to the left. Once you are there, simply comb through that hair and you can see the principle of over-direction is working in this case. Over-directed to the opposite side, over-directed to the opposite side and the center goes nowhere. Now you are ready to cut. We come in with no elevation, keeping your hands at all time close to the head. If we elevate it is going to end up too choppy. So keep it nice and clean, notice how my hand always rested on the bridge of her nose except when I twisted. Now watch what happens when I release this. When I release this I get this nice fringe that just comes right to her eye level here and gives her the fringe. Now watch. Take that same concept and now lets go and create an angle into that front area. Take the length from front to back. So we are going to go from the high point of the head to the top of the ear. We’ve already previously cut that back. We’re simply going to come through, we are going to comb all of this hair forward. So we take everything in the palm of my hand, working with the fine teeth of the comb, disregard your fringe, even though I am picking it up. You will see what I mean by that. So we are here, same principle. This time we are going to elevate because we are going to create a graduated angle into the front. Pulling out until where I want my desired length, pointing down, left hand directly over that, sliding my right hand out. There’s the position I want. Now we come through and we cut our horizontal line. Once you commit you go all the way through. Now look how the dry cutting scissor made its way all the way through that. The Sam Villa Signature Sears, the dry cutting shear, is made to get through a mass of hair. When I release this, you can see the angle we’ve been able to create there, all the way through. Now watch as we comb through, we’ve created a fringe and we’ve be able to create an angle in a matter of moments. Maximum results with minimum effort. All about twist cutting your fringe and about creating an angle in the front.


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