Curly Hair Hot Tips

Tips for styling naturally curly hair including how to control Frizz and Fly Aways, how to blow dry curly hair, tips for using a curling iron, leave in treatments and much more.

Naturally curly hair. Great fabric to work with. Yet there are things that we need to know about naturally curly hair. Here are some great tips that have helped me throughout my career. Leave in treatments are awesome with naturally curly hair. Leave in treatments like Redkenís Smooth Down Detangling Cream Leave In Smoother will help reduce the volume of curly hair while refining the shape of the curl. Hereís another one for you. Curls need to become edging before they can become commercial. Another words, what I am saying here is that curly hair lends itself to a more deconstructed looks not so much an overall even type of look. This is awesome for when you want to control fly aways or frizz. I suggest you work with Redkenís Vinyl Glam. Simply take a powder brush, take Redkenís Vinyl Glam spray onto the powder brush. Any areas you want to control the frizz, example being around the hair line, simply brush onto the surface of natural curls. You are going to get more reflection of a high shine and its great to control long length of natural curly hair, control the top fly aways. When your blow drying curly hair. I suggest you dry curly hair with a defuser and use cold air not hot to control the frizz. This is a great tip. You notice how sometimes naturally curly hair is curlier in some areas and straighter in others. Use tissue to squeeze some of the straight areas dry when you desire to encourage or keep the curl. To introduce curls to a guest curl part of the hair than the whole head. So for example as I was saying in some areas its curlier and in some areas its straighter. Where its straighter take your curling iron and curl those areas to create consistency of curl throughout the head shape. Curly hair doesnít need cutting on a regular basis, unless itís fairly short. I would recommend to my guest every 10 Ė 12 weeks. The last hot tip I have for you on curly hair is remember when you are texturizing curly hair its best to go mid-shaft to deep rather than towards the end. When it comes to curly hair, the ends need friends. Hope you enjoyed those hot tips.


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