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Modern Salon Magazine - October 2011
Style Watch | Shear Maintenance

How does Sam Villa take care of his Signature Shears? He oils them on a daily basis "Take a small cloth and wipe the shears clean from the back forward, not from the front because the blade will cut right through the cloth." Next, Villa recommends oiling the shear just above and below the pivot. "Once you do that, point the shears toward the ground, and open and close." Villa says doing these shear maintenance steps every night is critical to keeping your shears functioning at top capacity. "If you don't oil it every 2-3 days your shear is going to start feeling a little bit heavy and tight – it's not going to feel as sharp. If you take care of them they will respond to the care!" 


Modern Salon Magazine - October 2011
Modern News - Learning More

Stylist and educator Sam Villa has discovered Learner Based Education through his association with Redken. This teaching concept requires students to participate in their own learning.

"Redken taught me that education is not about me and what I know. It's about the learner and their needs and expectations," says Villa. "It's about creating an interactive participatory atmosphere and teaching things simply so anyone can get it."

The system is based on the Cone of Learning study that measures how much students retain after two weeks based on the teaching method used. Reading information results in 10 percent retention; listening in 20 percent; watching in 30 percent; a combination of listening and watching, 50 percent; speaking, 70 percent; speaking and demonstrating, 90 percent; and teaching the information to someone else results in 100 percent retention—Villa's goal for his students.

"I share this information with my students and advise that they can be ative or passive, but those who are active will get a much higher rate of investment," says Villa.

Villa encourages interactive exercises and has students say, do and teach the content to each other.

"Question are life's greatest revenue for learning," he says.


American Salon Magazine
INSTUDIO: Beauty Lab


The new Sam Villa E-T.C. Light Professional Ionic Hair Dryer has an ultraquiet yet powerful motor. It also has ceramic tourmaline ion generation, three heat and two speed settings, a coolshot button, two nozzle options and a deep bowl diffuser.


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