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Turn Down the Heat

Although you probably already know that sun exposure and washing hair too often can lead to color fade, high heat from styling tools like flat irons can also cause shades to go flat, according to Sam Villa, Education Artistic Director for Redken and founding partner of the Sam Villa brand. "High heat explodes the bonds in haircolor molecules, so when it's applied to colored-treated hair, the bonds bread and color goes down the drain," Villa explains. "Use medium heat on color-treated hair so that color molecules stay put." If done at the proper heat setting, Villa says, flat-ironing the hair can atually enliven the appearance of dull haircolor, since it closes the cuticle, resulting in maximum light reflection that intensifies color and shine. The Sam Villa Signature Series Sleekr flat iron boasts Targeted Temperature Technology that ensures consistent temperatures for specific hair types with easy-to-read controls and an LED indicator: Low is set at 375 degrees F for fine hair, Color Treated is set at 392 degrees F, and High is set at 410 degrees F for resistant and virgin hair types.


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Managing Tension

 "It's surprising how much longer you can use your shears before they need to be sharpened when you're conscious of the tension screw," says Sam Villa, Redken Education Artistic Director.

Villa suggests holding shears parallel to the floor and lifting the top blade; the top blade should be at a 45-degree position. If the blade collapses, it's too loose.

Once you stabilize the blades according to the guideline, customize it to your cutting style by tightening or loosening it a notch.


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