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From one Platform Artist of the Year to the future Platform Artists of the Year

Growing up in my father's barbershop, I learned that people were looking for something more than just a haircut. I think it's something we all realize over time.

I know that every one of you can become something greater.

It doesn't matter where you start. All that matters it that it starts today.


American Salon Magazine
Look and Learn

If you missed Sam Villa's The Aspire Tour, not to worry. Villa has just released a new DVD that teaches you how to cut The Convertible, a versatile look he taught on tour that's perfect for clients who are growing their hair longer and don't want to have a grown-out look. When pulled into a ponytail, the mid-length cut looks like a bob. By using texturizing cutting techniques like disconnection, stylists can disconnect while making looks appear blended.


American Salon Magazine
Short is the New Long

As skirts get shorter, waistbands higher and belts wider, hair is following suit. For spring, short is the new long. To keep stylists on trend, Sam Villa has just launched The V, the third DVD in his Aspire tour. "If there is one thing I want stylists to learn, it's the art of disconnection," Villa says. "Today's styles have to be interchangeable, and disconnection is the key to achieving this. When stylists master disconnection, they master the under-layering, sectioning and positioning needed to create modern looks."


Barber's Only Magazine
Top 4 Skills for Success

I have visited with thousands of barbers around the world sharing tips on how to grow their business. The industry has a need for business management education. It's not enough to learn a technique; it has to be incorporated into a service and then be promoted. The idea is to use education as a tool to build business. Here are four skills every barber shop owner should master in order to be successful:

Team Motivation
It's important to build a successful team - successful shops are made up of a team of individuals, not a group of independent people. A team philosophy increases motivation because it requires everyone to participate in order to achieve goals. Incorporate team-building strategies into your staff meetings and promotions, and find ways to recognize outstanding displays of teamwork.

Communication Skills
Customer service begins with good communication skills - it's part of the customer service survival kit. Communication builds wealth and it's important to understand that it begins with the consultation process. Encourage your team to continually improve the consultation process and they will become masters at retaining clients and increasing business.

Training Skills
Continuing education is vital. Today's guests are pressed for time; they expect more services in less time with perfect results. Ongoing education edables professionals to learn and incorporate the latest trends and techniques into their services - generating higher dollars per customer and attracting new clientele.

Business Skills
As the industry continually evolves, so do the business skills and technology needed to achieve success; therefore, it's important for shop owners to understand how to attain financial results. Successful owners continually monitor their business performance and focus on areas where improvements can be made.

Key questions every owner should ask regularly are:

  • Where is my service revenue - up or down?
  • Where is my retail revenue - up or down?
  • What percent of my revenue comes from services other than cuts?
  • What is my client retention level?
  • What resources and days do I devote to continuing education?


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