How do I adjust the tension of my Sam Villa Shears?

The next time your shears feel dull, check the tension screw before you get them sharpened. The looser a tension screw, the less sharp the blades feel. How tight should the tension screw be? Watch the video below as Sam demonstrates the proper way to adjust the tension on your Sam Villa shear.

How often should I oil my Sam Villa shears?

Is your shear feeling heavy or tight? Product buildup and other factors can cause this to happen. By simply oiling your shears on a regular basis you will notice how your shear responds! Watch this short video about oiling your Sam Villa shears.

Can the Sam Villa Signature Series shears be flipped for a lefty?

YES! Our 5.75” and 6.25” wet cutting shears can be flipped for a lefty. Although the 7” dry cutting shear is not able to be flipped for the tension knob to be on the appropriate side. As with any lefty stylist, it is important to confirm they have always used right handed shears. True left handed shears will cut differently than right handed ones.

While this does not make the shear truly left handed, it serves left handed stylists that have been trained to use a right handed shear. Doing this allows the knob to be on the opposite side of the user so it does not create any discomfort.

How can I flip my shears for left handed use?

Precautions: Always keep shears securely closed by firmly holding handles! This will prevent nicks to shears or cuts to you!
  • While holding blades securely, turn and loosen knob until it is free.
  • Set top of knob down on counter. Push screw through to remove from shear.
  • Check to make sure that a small washer is still secured to the screw neck. This will be important for proper re-assembly
  • Remove leaf spring and set down on counter.
  • While still holding shear securely, flip shear over.
  • Replace leaf spring on reverse side, placing the small prong (on the narrow end of leaf spring) into the small hole. Align the hole of the leaf spring over the hole of the shear.
  • Insert screw into the hole in the shear. The screw is oblong, so be certain that it is aligned properly to fit hole
  • Place knob on top of screw and tighten to preference. Shear should be tightened so the blade closes about ½ way when handle is dropped.

Where should I send my Sam Villa Signature Series shears for sharpening?

Precision Edge is the warranty and sharpening center for all Sam Villa shears. As you are already aware, sharpening shears if done correctly can make the shear last a life time, but one bad sharpening can ruin the shear. Sharpening shears correctly takes a lot of training and there is a special way that we sharpen shears that allows us to give a lifetime warranty on them. We not only sharpen Sam Villa, but all types and models of shears. Although we are in the United States, we do have a certified sharpening center in the UK that we have personally trained to sharpen with the same equipment as we use. They will also warranty Sam Villa shears the same way we do. We recommend that you use their services since they are much closer and can do the job the same way we would. Their information is below and you can contact them for all of your sharpening needs.

contact information for Precision Edge and Scissor Hands UK:

Sam Villa Authorized Service Center Precision Edge
130 E Fourth Street
Pittsburg CA 94565
(800) 729-3343

Download a prepaid shipping label

Scissor Hands UK
C/O Ashley Howard
12 Robin Drive
Steeton, Keighley, West Yorkshire BD20 6TF
United Kingdom
44 1 535 658570

How often should I sharpen my Sam Villa Signature series shears?

We recommend servicing your shears every six months, however there are many factors that decide the answer to this question. Cutting hair that is chemically treated, has product applied, is dry (not wet) will dull shears faster. That being said, Sam Villa Signature Shears are made of 100% Japanese Molybdenum Alloy which have been compression forged and cryogenically tempered for strength and durability. Compression forging provides a longer lasting edge while giving the feeling of “melting through the hair”.

If you think you might be cutting a greater number of dry than wet heads, you may wish to consider Sam’s Dry Cutting Shear. It has longer and larger blades. The blade has a unique “power ridge” design to get through more massive amounts of dry hair, affording you fewer sharpening services.

The way shears are maintained daily will also lengthen the time between reconditioning services. Common sense precautions such as ensuring that your blades are closed before setting your shears down can help to avoid a costly nick. By simply cleaning and adjusting them at the beginning or end of your day or during any downtime, your Sam Villa Shears will give you many, many years of peak performance.

What is the return policy for the Sam Villa Signature Series shears?

There is a 7 day no questions asked return policy from delivery date. After 7 days, a $25 restocking fee will apply. We do not accept customer returns after 30 days of purchase.

What is the warranty for the Sam Villa Signature Series shears?

We guarantee that your shears are handmade for Sam Villa and are free from defects in materials and workmanship. Each Sam Villa shear is unconditionally guaranteed for 1 year after purchase. This guarantee has no limitations including dropping, nicking or dulling except for shears that have been obviously abused beyond the demands of ordinary use or that have been serviced by another company. Sam Villa will replace, free of charge, any parts including silencers, washers, and pivot screws for the life of the shear should they fail under normal use.

To take advantage of Sam Villa warranty service, please contact our service center at Precision Edge to access the warranty service process and obtain a pre-paid postage label. Please send the shear, along with a copy of your purchase receipt and a check for $20 that covers return shipping, handling, and insurance. Once received, your shears will be serviced and returned within 10 business days anywhere in the United States.

Sam Villa Authorized Service Center Precision Edge

130 E Fourth Street
Pittsburg CA 94565
(800) 729-3343

Download a prepaid shipping label

What should I do if I drop my Sam Villa Signature Series shears?

  • If the blades are closed when dropped, chances are they are OK
  • If the blades are open when dropped:
    • DO NOT CLOSE THEM when you pick them up
    • Set them down on a towel on a secure surface
    • Place your thumb on top of one blade and index finger on the bottom of the other blade
    • Apply gentle pressure to lift the blades away from each other as you slowly close the blades
    • Keep your thumb on top of one blade and your index finger on the bottom of the other blade and apply gentle pressure to lift the blades away from each other as you slowly open the blades back up
    • This should take care of any nic that may have resulted from dropping them
    • If the nic is still present after trying this a couple of times, chances are you will need to send them in to be serviced

What do I receive with my new Sam Villa Signature Series shears?

  • You will receive a product specific DVD detailing the features and benefits of the shears
  • A lifetime warranty card is also included that provides you with the details of the warranty and service recommendations
  • A pre-paid postage label for sending your shears to get sharpened


How should I care for and clean my Sam Villa brushes?

Important Care & Cleaning Instructions:

  • Remove hair from brush
  • Prepare a warm water and liquid soap or mild shampoo bath
  • Dip natural bristles several times into the warm soapy water
  • Rinse brush with cool water
  • Let air dry


  • Do not soak paddle or cushion brushes as they may fill with water
  • Do not soak natural bristles as this can cause the bristles to separate and the handles to warp.

When disinfecting, due to the nature of wood and natural boar, we recommend using a gentler practice of dipping rather than soaking the brush in your chosen sanitation product. If the brush was soaked, it’s possible that this may have encouraged the finish to peel.

In this regard to Texas, the proper procedure would be:

  • Remove visible debris and hairs (our brush cleaner is ideal for this step)
  • The next step would be to immerse the brush in a state board “recognized” EPA approved disinfectant (such as Barbicide®) for 10 minutes. After this 10 minute time period is up, the stylist would remove the brush, rinse thoroughly and allow it to dry before use. Some states recognize that stylists avoid disinfecting their boar bristle/wooden brushes and therefore allow for the stylist to spray their brush with a disinfectant (allowing 10 minute contact time), rinse thoroughly and allow it to dry before use.

It is possible for my Sam Villa oval and round brush bristles to melt?

YES! This situation mainly occurs when the blow dryer comes in direct contact with the brush. You can avoid this issue by simply keeping your dryer at least 1 inch from the hair and brush.

What is the guarantee for the Sam Villa Signature Series brushes, combs, clips and shear cases?

We guarantee that your brush or accessory (including combs, clips, and shear cases) has been handmade for Sam Villa and is free from defects in materials and workmanship. Each Sam Villa brush, comb and accessory is unconditionally guaranteed for 6 months after the date of purchase. This guarantee has no limitations. Sam Villa will replace, free of charge, any brush, comb, clip, or shear case should it fail under normal use.


Why does Sam offer the same combs in black and ivory?

Go for maximum visual contrast between the comb and hair to increase visibility. Use black combs on lighter hair and ivory combs on darker hair.

Thank you for your inquiry regarding Sam Villa Signature Series Combs. Here’s a bit of information:

What materials are the Sam Villa Signature Series combs made up of?

The Sam Villa Signature Series combs are made with silicone and graphite compounds to ensure the smoothest glide possible. Carbon and silicone based fiber is added for strength, flexibility, and heat resistance up to 450° – great for use with flat irons!


How many cuts are shown on the Aspire Tour™ DVDs?

Each of Sam’s Aspire Tour™ DVDs offers a variety of different information. He teaches his interpretation of the featured cut. He also teaches techniques on how to cut so you can apply that method in many different directions. That’s why each DVD is just not one cut but unlimited cuts.

How many techniques are featured on the Studio Sessions DVD, Artificial Texture?

There are 21 techniques on the Artificial Texture DVD. Artificial Texture also features Redken Artistic Director Chris Baran.

What is the guarantee for Sam Villa’s DVDs?

The Sam Villa DVDs are unconditionally guaranteed for 6 months after the date of purchase. Due to the nature of being easily copied, there are no refunds for DVDs. DVDs that have failed during use will be replaced with the same DVD at no charge.

Sam recommends in his Aspire Tour DVDs another training DVD. What is this DVD and where can I get it?

The DVD that Sam is speaking about is Chris Baran’s “Fuel for Design,” a four DVD set complete training system.
Check it out at


What are the main differences between the Sam Villa and any other iron?

While several companies have gained success by selling a lot of irons, the Sam Villa irons are different in several ways:

  • Sam Villa irons are available exclusively to professional stylists and their customers through their Sam Villa full service distributor.
  • Sam Villa irons will not be available through websites other than, our distributors and eventually, their salon owner customers.
  • Sam Villa irons were developed with Sam’s guidance about features and benefits that had not yet been offered to stylists such as:
    • “Targeted temperature technology”, including the first “color treated” temperature setting as part of the 3 preset heat levels
    • Replacement of common on/off switches with our “temperature controller band”, placed on the end of the iron and thus less subject to “user malfunction”
    • “Snag Free” plates, rounded at the edges to prevent hair from snagging during the stylist’s creative and multi-angle use.

What makes Sam Villa irons different from the rest of the irons out there?

If you’re looking for the best choice, this would seem to be best determined by using several types of irons and seeing what is best for you.

  • Most professional tools are designed by marketing departments and engineers, neither of which have a very good idea on how you use your irons
  • Sam's irons were designed by him (hairdresser) and the best engineers in America.
  • With Sam's consideration of how to make an iron most friendly for your hand, the diameter of our handles fit very comfortably in all hands, large and small
  • With the 3 preset temperatures and the LED illumination, you can always be aware of the iron temperature at a glance
  • With Sam’s consideration of how most switches seemed to get in the way and were often accidentally turned off, the “temperature controller band” is a wonderful way for you to remain in control
  • With the extra long and 360 degree rotating cord, the Sam Villa iron offers more freedom while working around your styling chair or at home
  • Sam didn't just stop with our extensive advanced engineering and quality control, he sent irons out for real salon testing to his toughest critics so they might suggest how

What should I know about heat, compression and tension?

The 3 most important factors that allow the stylist to re-form hair texture are Heat, Compression and Tension:

  • Heat - Specific but controlled temperatures begin the process of causing the hydrogen bonds to shift
  • Compression - Even compression (squeezing) of the iron plates physically causes elevated cuticle to smooth down
  • Tension - This slight pulling pressure causes the hydrogen bonds to stretch (and then cool) into their desired smoother appearance.

What are the design features and performance levels exclusive to Sam Villa irons?

  • Heat Control - Sam Villa irons have 3 specific heat settings, each reflected by a different color LED illumination on the both sides of the iron. By rotating the temperature-controlling band, you easily set a precise adjustment while eliminating oddly placed on/off switches. This controlling band is perfect for left or right-handed users.
  • Temperature Settings – Both irons feature 3 accurate temperature settings for precise control:
    • Low - 375F (190 Celsius) - Green colored LED- for all hair types (fine to normal)
    • Color Treated - 392F (200 Celsius) - Amber colored LED- for color treated hair, this temperature minimizes the potential of damage/fading
    • High - 410F (210 Celsius) - Red colored LED- for virgin or resistant hair types
  • Even Compression – The “snag free” plates for SV irons are uniquely curved around the edges, making it virtually impossible for hair to catch at any angle allowing the stylist even compression, even if taking uneven sections. The elimination of any springs means there is nothing ever to corrode or wear out internally.
  • Proper Tension & Ergonomic Design - Sam Villa irons have longer plates than most (up to ½” longer), allowing a stylist to take larger sections that are more in keeping with the length of their combs. This allows a stylist to work with more hair and finish their work faster.

Do Sam Villa irons reach 450F for Brazilian-type keratin treatments?

Sam Villa irons are intended for versatility and daily use for a wide range of salon customers. With an understanding of the effects of excessive heat on color treated hair, we suggest maximum of 392F for this hair type. The Sam Villa irons can each reach 410F, a suitable temperature to be used on “virgin” and Resistant hair types. While an iron at 450F might be considered for such Brazilian straightening services, the long term effect of these services on the hair is not known. An iron that reaches 450F should be considered too hot for general salon use or resale to customers of a salon.

What are the extra owner benefits of a Sam Villa Iron?

Sam's experience with other irons led to smart additional design features that provide:

  • Freedom to move - The extra long cord (at the maximum legal length) offers a 360-degree factory tested rotation, ensuring the stylist can move around their chair for styling at any angle without tangling.
  • Auto shut-off - It’s not uncommon for a stylist to wonder if they have turned their irons off at work or at home. The automatic safety shut-off is programmed to turn off the iron after 60 minutes of non-use. Should this occur, simply rotate the temperature controller band to any setting and the iron will quickly reset to that temperature.
  • Plates - The unique casting process for the plates was developed to minimize gaps. When heated for less than 90 seconds, the heat expands the plates to provide the perfect combination of tension and compression. You will immediately notice that Sam Villa irons are beautiful in their balance in the hand, a result of careful design engineering and proportional relationship between the plates and handle length. This also allows the stylist to grab/squeeze SV irons in a variety of ways or positions along the handle. Regardless of hand placement, SV irons allow easier, consistent tension to the hair section with less effort.

Are Sam Villa irons ionic?

The Sleekr is both ionic and ceramic, while the Textur iron plate is not ionic because of the result we are trying to achieve negative ions are not needed.

Are the plates on the Sleekr solid ceramic and what does ceramic do for the iron?

You may have heard companies say that their plates are solid ceramic, but this is not the case. Every plate is made of a certain type of metal (our plates are made of aluminum) and then coated with a ceramic and/or ionic complex. Coating our plates with ceramic gives the iron even heat distribution throughout the plate. This ensures there are no hot spots or cold spots.

What happens if I drop the Sam Villa iron?

Your Sam Villa iron is covered for accidental damage for 1 year from the date of purchase.

How should I clean my TEXTUR Iron?

Sam Villa's Signature Series TEXTUR texturizing iron has ceramic plates that are coated with titanium. Titanium tolerates high temperatures and helps stop corrosion, reduces friction and prevents sticking – it's desired for its durability and ease of cleaning.

To keep your TEXTUR texturizing iron in optimum working condition be sure to clean it when residue is visible:

  • Start with iron at room temperature.
  • Use a towel moistened with water to wipe plates clean. A Q-tip may be used to get into smaller crevices. For stubborn buildup, use rubbing alcohol and then wipe clean with a damp towel.

How should I clean my SLEEKR Iron?

Sam Villa's Signature Series SLEEKR flat iron has ceramic plates that are tourmaline coated to help smooth the cuticle and promote extra shine and smoothness.

To keep your SLEEKR flat iron in optimum working condition be sure to clean it when residue is visible:

  • Start with iron at room temperature.
  • Use a towel moistened with water to wipe plates clean. A Q-tip may be used to get into smaller crevices. For stubborn buildup, use rubbing alcohol and then wipe clean with a damp towel.


Where can I go to sign up for Sam's classes? Can we book Sam to come to our salon?

You can check the availability of Sam's classes through the Redken Exchange at (800) 545-8157. Space in these classes is limited and sells out far in advance.

You may also contact the educational director at your closest Redken distributor to determine if they offer any classes with Sam. To find your closest Redken distributor go to


How can I become a Platform Artist/Educator?

I would recommend speaking with manufacturers. You may wish to contact them by simply attending any major trade shows or reaching out to them after obtaining their info on the web.

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