Thank you for such GREAT shears. I've had an injury and had to have surgery on my thumb and now my movement is limited. Your shears are helping me through my workday as I heal. They're wonderful!

Jennafer Catania

Cannot wait until symposium. Been using the texture shears and reg shears. Love them! My wrists thank you!

Theresa Quezada

Oh my God, seriously, the best shear I have ever felt and used - I have goosebumps - Amazing! Effortless! I have problems with my neck and felt instant relief when I went home to cut my daughter's hair last night. I'm cutting ergonomically correct. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Terri Grice

Sam- I met you several months ago and you gave me advice on how to keep my carpel tunnel under control. You are AMAZING!! Your shears REALLY work! If anyone out there is suffering from Carpel Tunnel please try Sam's shears before you have surgery and young people who are starting out- please save your self a lot of pain in your hands and sholders. Learn how to stand while cutting, use proper shears and make sure your chair is low enough that your elbows are not level with your sholders!

Christian McDonald

I just got my new shears, and I have to say they are the best. I have never had a shear that fit so well. After 30 years in the industry they are the best. Thank you Sam for all my comfort. THANKS AGAIN!

Jimi Corbett

SHARE IN THE EXCITEMENT! For all of you that don’t already know – Kasho is great but Sam’s shears are Magnificent! From Kasho tired hands and wrists to your shears – Sam Villa shears are unparalleled!

Jenny Falcao

I received my scissors and changed them to left handed - it was quite easy after looking at them and they work great!

Megan Little

My rheumatoid doctor told me if I was planning on continuing to cut hair for the next 5 years I should invest in Sam's shears to help me with my arthritic suffering.

Polly Gatewood

Where do I start? I have used Hikari shears for 16 years. Never did I think I would put them down...Sam, I love, LOVE my 7inch shears and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the reversible texture shears. It is the most brilliant shear I own. Thank You! Jules

Julie Lahr

After receiving my new Sam Villa 6.25 shears last week I am already convinced that these are far and away the best shears in my toolbox! So different from my Kashos in the way they handle, feel and cut. Thank you Sam for another truly great tool that helps us work smarter, not harder!

Amy Marino

I recently purchased the 6.25" wet cutting shears and I want to let you know that my wrist is most grateful! These are wonderful shears! I love how they cut, like melted butter! I will be purchasing the 7" dry shear next! Thank you!

Janis Burden

These shears are the ANSWER! Approaching 30 years in this industry , and numerous work on my thumb and hand area , have left a keen respect for a tool that works for YOU! these shears do. After 2 months I have seen less inflamation in my basalthumb joint and not had to really on cortisione injections. Thanks Sam!

Judy Grove

I was having such bad wrist and hand pain I really thought my career was over before it began. I needed to find a solution to my problem. I am so lucky and happy to find Sam and his tools when I did. The shape of the shears and the weightless compact dryer have changed my life behind the chair. I am so comfortable with these tools, I have never felt such a connection to my tools before. I will never purchase another pair of shears, dryer, or even my combs from anyone else ever again. I have no pain in my hands or wrists since using them. It was instant relief! I just wanted others to know what a difference having Sams tools has made in my life. I have no pain, I am so confident and in control of my artistry. Thank you Sam for bringing these wonderful tools(and all your hot tips) and changing my life as a stylist. I am more successful than I ever imagined becuase I have your tools and guidance available to me. Thank you to Sam and his team! Jamie DiGrazia- Chicago

Jamie DiGrazia

Hugo Urias

Chuck Poupard

Cory Allen

Cory Allen

Jeff Herbetko

Wendy Belanger

Amy Frier