Thank you SOOO much Sam for teaching me all the amazing things you taught be today here in Seattle at Elle Marie Hair Studio!! I am so honored to have gotten to meet you and learn from the best, you truly made things easy for me to understand which helped me build confidence in what i do!!

Michelle Cloudy

Thank you Sam for being the best tool in my bag! I would not have been able to satisfy my city's need of the Bob's explosive comeback without your hands on class last spring. Thank you.

Trish Thompson

Sam, this weekend was one of the best education classes I had in a long time. I taught color classes for a company and you blew me away. You're a great teacher and I can't wait to take another! Thanks for the whole Sammy experience.

Tracey Rochon

Sam Villa is amazing and inspiring. He is constantly changing and growing with the times and encourages and challenges all stylists to do the same. He totally rocks…

Debra Collins

I am a fan of Sam's work!! He is so inspiring and makes learning skills easy and fun!!

Amy DiCesare

Sam Villa is one of the greatest educators in the business! He gives me great inspiration and ideas to take back to the salon with me, making me feel that I have chosen to be part of the greatest profession around!! Thank You!!

Tracey Leyvas

I saw Sam at Fusion in Lexington, KY about 2 years ago. He is the best educator I have ever seen. He holds his audience captive, not hostage. He is very educational yet so alive!

Scarlet Kessler

Just attended my first workshop with Sam yesterday. FLOORED!!!! New Direction for me and my clients. Truly an inspiration!!!! Thank You!!!


How lucky are we to have had Sam in our salon today. We enjoyed everything he showed us today, and by the way this was a second request from our staff.

Cathy Arce

Sam, I wanted you to know how much we as a team of stylists appreciate your talent of being a great educator and for sharing your talents and time with us. We had the wonderful opportunity to meet you at the Oakbrook, IL show and we were impressed with the quality of education presented to us. At the end of the show we all felt that we wanted to see more classes than we could get worked into the weekend. So I have signed up for your tips! I have 9 stylists, all who attended the show, and I want to tell you how it impressed us that we were able to communicate on a personal level and feel comfortable doing so. I hope we have the opportunity to meet again soon. Even after being in the business 44 years, it is always an inspiration and a shot of energy to attend classes of this quality. Sam, I love your spirit and desire to teach. You help so many to succeed! Thank You!

Linda Franz

Sam has always been a good educator and motivator and a creative artist. He has been one of my favorites since San Jose days. He is a blessing to our industry. BOBology and The Convertible are AWESOME. Hugs to you Sam and kisses too

Colleen West

I just returned from Calgary AB – where Sam “dazzled” us again! New Energy! The word Inspiring” just doesn’t cut it when trying to express how Sam impacted not only me but all who came to see him. I feel truly blessed for having the opportunity, yet again, to be on the receiving end of Sam’s brilliance. Sam, I love your energy and I am looking forward to sharing with my guests, co-stylists and all artists my experience with you! Thank you Sam!

Jenny Falcao

I am a Redken color specialist and I recently took Sam's class at the Redken Exchange. He got me excited about cutting again!

Jen Hastings

Sam, I was wowed watching and listening to you at the ABS in Chicago. I thank God for your talent and your willingness to teach what you have. I will very much like you to mentor me.


Sam! I loved seeing you last weekend, your show was amazing and I'm so honored that you remembered me. You are truly talented and I'm a huge fan.

Lynee Jake

Saw u this weekend in Lake Ganeva. Wow, how inspiring. The whole team just blew me away. I also had a hair show virgin with me and she loves u. Thank u for being so passionate.

Janet Carlsen

Hey Sam - You came to our salon today (Evolution in Shrewsbury, NJ) to teach us a class and I just wanted to say thank you! You are an incredible educator! We all learned so much from you! I truly mean that!

Kerianne Neff

HI Sam ! I just attended 2 of your classes at the CBS show in Ocean City< MD. I can't begin to tell you the impact you had on me and my staff. I'm looking forward to carrying the inthusiasm back to the entire salon. Keep up the fantastic innovations and I'll be watching for your next appearince in our area.

Denise Reesey

Thank you for such a great class today! Loved the entire day! Also - did The Bardot cut on a friend tonight . . . perfect . . and I LOVE my new 7 shears!!


The last 2 days spent w/you in the salon at Shear Dimensions has made me love to hair again!!! Thanks Soooo much!! You are more inspiring than you will ever know!!!!!!

Alecia Brooks

SAM!!! You rocked ABS 09!!! I loved seeing people sitting 6 deep in the walkway just to see you do your thing!!!

Julie Lahr

I have been a hairstylist for 35 years. It is a challenge to stay excited about this industry when you are at the top of the class. Sam, you are an INSPIRATION and I thank you for challenging me to get out of the box.

Margaret Tingwall

Sam has been one of my mentors for years. I can visualize his concepts and then use my world to create my visions. My confidence through his teachings has resulted in one of the best guest lists anyone could ever imagine. The trust my guests have in me has kept this passion alive for the last 26 years. Thanks, Sam for a wonderful journey.

Paula Simone

I have been a working Stylist for over 40 years. Studied around the world and I have never seen a better teacher than Sam Villa.

Jane Lewers

New favorite haircutThe V, I've been doin this haircut on a lot of clients and they are loving it!! Thanks Sam.

carlos carreon

Sam, I already had the wet and dry scissors.I then purchased the tool kit! I am in LOVE with all the Sam Villa Products! Finally, tools made by a stylist who lives behiend the chair, not some guy behiend a desk. I used all the techniques you taught me. Thank you for being so very Awesome!!!!

Marlaina Ciociola

I have been in this business a very long time. I am blessed in so many ways as a result of being a hair designer. To begin with, the greats in this business were my teachers. I had the privilege to be in one of many of the very first classes with Sassoon when he arrived. Then Paul Mitchell, Zigerelli Brothers, James Mario, Chris Baran, and now you Sam. Because of these great teachers, I am a still highly requested hair designer and earner in this business after fifty years. Thanks Sam for keeping the flam going. It continues to be a privilege to be a hair designer.

Paula Standish Severino

A real professional doesn't care about sharing techniques with his peers. That's why I call them "Masters" Thank You Sam!!

Allie Rod

Dean Sam, I love you and your education style. Your videos have made me not only work better as a stylist, but to also believe in my own passion about hair! Sincerely, Angie


Sam, Hands down you got my vote this year at the BTC Awards at the American Beauty Show, March 13, 2011 in Chicago as 'Platform Artist and Favorite Educator!' By sharing your your knowledge and artistry you've continued to elevate our profession as an art - no one is more deserving than you!

Carolyn Martin

Sam, i just came back from a 5 hours class that you rocked, it was Amazing, considering that i am an A.D.D. hair designer (like most of us) and you kept me glued to my seat and eager to see whats next, was unbelievable, never experienced this ever in any other class that i took over the last 9 years of my profession. Great tips, all new but made perfect sense. You are great. Loved every minute of this class and your enthusiasm made me love being a hair stylist even more. Thank you Sam. I will be looking forward to purchasing your well studied tools that you created, and to take more classes of your fantastic education.

Amal Kasabri

Sam, I've been in the beauty industry for nearly 30 years now as a Master Barber/Stylist/Colorist. I seek out industry pros like yourself and Chris Baran, Beth Minardi and Sassoon often for inspiration, advanced techniques and teaching skills. I just purchased and watched and executed the principles/techniques demonstrated in your Bobology series and I have to tell you, pal, you totally rocked my world! These techniques makes me excited to get to the salon each day. Thanks a million!

Steven Michael

Sam, Thank You so much for the Best hands on cutting class I have ever attended. I have been in the industry for 29 years, your energy radiates to those around you. Your classes are so well taught. You renewed the enthusiasm and passion in me for a profession I so dearly love. Used the triangle and umbrella techniques on my first client yesterday. Looked GREAT!!! :-D Thanks Again, Karen All About You Salon-Spa-Boutique Bozeman, MT

Karen Killmeyer-Jones

Great Sam, me & my Team miss U, hope see u soon in Italy or 2 the Excange NY 5th av. Our Academy go strong !! We are ispired and think often 2 your tips, thank U maybe one day U can have a class in our Academy, take care my friend., hugs €uro from Italy

Euro Calamia

Dear Sam, I recently updated all my tools to the Sam Villa line and I must say I love them all. Now my blow drys are smoother yet with a lot of volume thanks to your brushes, my Sleeker is phenomenal and the texturizer is freakishly wonderful. I used it yesterday on a client with fine hair and we could not believe the body her hair got thanks to the texture iron. And thanks for all the tips you are sharing on your site. Viewing it has become my "daily educational class moment". Thank you lots, Jani (Yanni) Baze The Villages, FL

Jani (Yanni) Baze

Dear Sam, I recently updated all my tools to the Sam Villa line and I must say I love them all. Now my blow drys are smoother yet with a lot of volume thanks to your brushes, my Sleeker is phenomenal and the texturizer is freakishly wonderful. I used it yesterday on a client with fine hair and we could not believe the body her hair got thanks to the texture iron. And thanks for all the tips you are sharing on your site. Viewing it has become my "daily educational class moment". Thank you lots, Jani (Yanni) Baze The Villages, FL

Jani (Yanni) Baze

Sam.....U changed our life, Love U & Chirs 2 sejja U soon, Euro & Evolution Team from ITALY

Euro Calamia

Adam Browne

Adina Lieberman

Cory Allen

Hugo Urias

Jerrick Fruits

Kenny Berk

Marisa D'Imperio

Michael Pope

Omar Sassin

Sara Tomich

Tisha Hall

Tracy Silkstone

Wendy Belanger

Amy Frier