We just watched The Convertable in our salon and I was the first to get the cut. I love it, thanks!

Jenna Green

Thank you for such a great class today! Loved the entire day! Also - did The Bardot cut on a friend tonight . . . perfect . . and I LOVE my new 7 shears!!


I am so thankful i came to your website. Your passion for doing hair is so contagious and refreshing. Thank you so much for sharing all of your information and techniques with us. I was particularly amazed by the twist cutting. I think i have a new hero. :)

Emily Smith

Sam's Aspire Tour DVD's are totally great. I like the altra ego Sam doing the virtual salon thing. It is clear and professionally done.

Steve Capelli

I love that you are bringing your wonderful education to life through the technology that we have available to us. I ordered your BOBology DVD and look forward to the others that you bring out. As a salon owner we are always looking for ways to educate our staff and this is going to be GREAT! The newest, youngest stylists are the ones that need this most yet don't have the funds to do the larger, hands on classes. This allows them great opportunities to have hands on training with Sam Villa! THANKS!

Pam Waldron

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your BOBOLOGY DVD! Thank you for your refreshing approach and ideas.

Marc A. Passalacqua

I just finished watching The 'V' DVD and LOVED IT!!! I cut my mannequin head and it looks great. The way you teach is easy to follow. Thanks!


I saw you in St. Louis at the State Discover show, bought your Aspire Tour DVD collection and have totally changed my way of cutting hair, and for that I thank you!!!

Bridget Leinauer

Sam has always been a good educator and motivator and a creative artist. He has been one of my favorites since San Jose days. He is a blessing to our industry. BOBology and The Convertible are AWESOME. Hugs to you Sam and kisses too

Colleen West

Sunday morning I watched BOBology for the first time then Sunday afternoon I got out my shears and mannequin and a glass of wine and used the DVD the way you intended for it to be used. It turned out better than if I were in a class. Your format is PERFECT. So was my haircut, thank-you. So I am so excited I can't wait for the rest of the series. Your concept is powerful.

Chris Lewis

I attended Cutting with Sam and Chris at the Redken Exchange. WOW! I love Sam's BOBology and I truly get it! It is by far the best instruction of how to texture and remove weight from this haircut to creat the most beautiful BOB ever. Friendswood, TX loves Sam! You inspire me, thank you for constantly giving back to our industry!

Meresa Fincher

I just purchased 2 of your videos. OMG, you really know how to show your work. I have gotten videos from so many different companies and none were as educational as yours. I just wanted to let you know how incredible you are in your teaching. You explain everything so well. I will be looking for one of your classes in NY very soon. Thanks again!


I loved the consultation and hot tip e-mails. I forwarded them to every stylist I know! You rock Sam!

Theresa Quezada

Sam, Just had my associate cut my hair in one of your great designs, The Convertible. I love it! You are the best. You are the one that took me to the next level. Love ya!!!

Maureen Kimble

I watched and learned from some of the best educators, but Sam, you're fantastic. Your spirit, passion and knowledge that is so detailed. Thank you for the inspiration!

Jasmina Djordjevic

Sam is fantastic. I have seen him many times most recently the MGM Foxwoods in CT. He nevers seems to amaze me. Sam is so gracious and inspiring I couldn't wait to take his ideas back to the salon. My clients love it too.Thanks Sam

Lisa Surprenant

The amount of information Sam gives in a class is amazing. Come prepared for a day of amazing ahah's. Sam is full of why things happen and how they work. Simple and faster, that is the theme. Less time, more results. What a concept. Something I can use behind the chair.

Karen Dungan

Sam I cannot thanks you enough for your inspiring class. My first workshop with you in NJ and I was so impressed. I went back to work with excietment and knowledge that I shared with my staff and clients. Thanks you so much and also for the cleaning and tightning of my SV shears.

Valerie Nebbia

Not only did I learn an amazing double identity haircut. But also life lessons on how to build a business and be assertive with my clients, -Bonnie Redken Artist / Sam Villa Fan!

Bonnie Cartwright

At my age it is hard for me to refer to any man as the Man But you are THE MAN What a teacher you are. I have been trained by the best, from Sassoon and Mitchel and Zegarelli, Mario and now you. Sam you are in great company.

Paula Severino

You are truly a genius. You give inspiration to us all and everything you say makes so much sense. You give the not so confident lots of aspiration.

Kristy Maclean

You came to my cosmetology school in Nashville Tn on 4/19 and it was amazing. That was my first day at school and after seeing you work and hearing your story you have inspired me to do my best and don't let fear and worry intefere with what you want in life. You are great!! Can't wait to hear you speak again.

Dornica Hodge

Sam, It was such an honor to have met you. I am so thankful that you could take the time and come teach a class at Brassfields. I feel so lucky that you have taught me a a deal of tools to use with my clientel to spicen hair up. I have changed my entire outlook, that hair does not have to be connected, that diconnected is in. I am so completely greatful for the new haircutting tricks as well. Sam, I hope that one day I will get to work next to you as a plat form artist & get to learn more thru your wonderful education classes. I am blessed that our paths have crossed. Thank you so much. See you in the future.


My haircutting has so improved thanks to Sam I own all his dvd's and brushes this is awesome since I have been cutting for 42yrs !!! I just increased my prices The Bardot is my specialty and I love when people call and request that haircut Sam please consider a bbok with theses styles to show my client I show them the cover of the dvd"s and also can you provide the work sheet for all the cuts like you did with the bardot and the V It would be so helpfull Sam Is Samtastic in Styling for the Seasons of a clients life God Bless Keep it coming!

Elaine Maitland

Tangle Alley gentleman Barbershop and Ladies Salon would love to put a personal thank you so much for comming to our Beautiful sate (Montana)! Your enthusiaum mixed with education made the days fly by. The information is being applied daily! And we will be looking forward to your next event!!!

LARA Middlemas

Sam, Thank you so very much for attending the Chatters Convention in Red Deer, Alberta this past weekend! It was fabulous. Not all of my team could be there this weekend and you have given me so much to take back to them. You have given me inspiration and the ability to inspire my team. I am 10 years into my career and am always looking for ways to change things up and continue to grow. You have given me new opportunities to do so and I thank you. Much love, Penny

Penny Youden

Thank you so much Sam. I was at the Redken Stylist Connection in Red Deer, Alberta, and was completely inspired. Being a very new stylist in the industry (only for 2 years) watching you on stage really moivated me to be the best stylist I can be!

Tenille Minne

It is hard to pick a category. I have one of Sam Villa tools. I am gradually replacing tools with Sam villa signature series, because I am certain of premium quality...Also because of the whole culture, structure and award winning tips and advertizing,the tools deserve to be purchased!

marysa mardini

I am from South Africa and never heard of SAM.i accidentally saw this man on YOU TUBE.i am a big fan and must say you are a blessing to the hair industry.you prove that "SIMPLICITY IS THE NEW SOPHISTICATION" SAM is the REAL deal.keep up the great work>you my inspiration GOD BLESS you....

abdul buckus

Just watch the live vidio on your curly cut great !!!!!! Thanks for the free education setting at my computer

Hallie Schockey