I really love the medium round brush and the smaller one also. They’re very good for fine damaged hair because it makes the hair feel much healthier and shiny. I used them at Fashion Week this season and also use them in the salon. I have been asked by clients about them as they love the result!

Jenny Balding

Sam, I have to say, that my finishing has improved 100% since I have starting using your brushes. It makes such a difference, sometimes I surprise myself. I have been doing hair for 35 yrs and my joints are starting to hurt: wrist, thumbs, elbows, and since using your brushes I dont seem to have to work as hard. Thank you so much for sharing you knowledge.

Carole Colletti

I have been using Sam’s round brushes and I absolutely love the way they smooth out hair and keep it controlled in the brush.  Thanks so much!

Ellen Lawlor

Hey Sam, missing you in Halifax Nova Scotia. Just wanted to let you know that I love the brushes and how much tension you can get with them and I love spraying a little bit of vinyl glam 02 on the brush before blow drying - the shine is amazing!

Matthew Scott

Kenny Berk

Kenny Berk

Michael Pope

Omar Sassin

Tracy Silkstone