3 Blow Drying Tips for a Flawless Finish

All stylists know that the key to a flawless finish begins with the blow dry. If your guest receives a mediocre blow dry, it will show in the finished look.

So, how do you take your blowouts to the next level? The key to creating beautiful blowouts are in the details. In this video, Andrew Carruthers, Cultural Ambassador for Sam Villa demonstrates three blow drying tips including how to hold your blow dryer in relation to your brush to create beautiful results with minimum effort.

Discover the "truck and tractor" blow drying method and why this will not only save you time when drying hair, but it will also produce fantastic results in the end!

Tools Required For This Technique:


Watch the video and take your blow drying skills from good to great! Remember that the quality of your finish depends on your technique and the tools that you use.

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