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3 Music Festival Hairstyle Ideas

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

I love music festival season! Whether it's hearing a new band for the first time or listing to classics from years ago, the music is so inspiring and the energy from on stage and in the crowd is contagious. But being a hairdresser, the thing that I love most about a music festival is the hairstyles! Perfectly imperfect curls, pulled apart braids, natural texture and strategically placed hair color; I love it all and I always leave inspired to go back to the salon to recreate my own versions of what I just saw.

Today I'm going to share three music festival hairstyle ideas that you can replicate or use as your own inspiration for the next time you are ready to listen to some great music. Let's get started.



Music festival hairstyle with flowers

We started with the idea of a classic flower crown and twisted it with the back headband trend, almost Grecian. To begin,  I used the Sam Villa Sleekr flat iron to add a soft wave to random pieces along the surface, influencing the curl on the mid shaft only. I finished this hairstyle with a shake and mist of Redken fashion waves 07 sea salt spray.



Music festival hairstyle headband

Next, our ICEE look was all about beating the heat while still being able to have the feeling of the hair down. I took her hair off her face and placed into a high ponytail, keeping it slightly loose at the fringe to add volume after putting the headband on. Encasing the ponytail within the headband made the ends of the pony appear like a mid length cut, and the base creates volume for the overall silhouette. Make sure to keep the hair around the hairline light and airy, it's all about not trying too hard.



Music festival hairstyle braids

Our final look was the girl in the pit. She is ready to dance and dance hard. I started with the idea of boxer braids or inverted braids, took a side part and created loose inverted braids on each side, leaving out the sideburn area. Next I created texture by pulling apart the braid's top edge to look almost like a shark fin. I finished this hairstyle using my Sam Villa Light Professional Ionic blowdryer and Redken wax blast 10 at same time to create and freeze the perfectly imperfect frizz.

Whether you need three days of hairstyles or are looking to change things up throughout the day, give these hairstyles a try and tag #samvilla and #angelvprado on Instagram so we can see!

Be sure to follow me (Angel V. Prado) on Instagram for hairstyle inspiration and tutorials. If you have any questions about how to create these look, leave them in the box below.

Thanks for stopping by!
—Angel V Prado

Hair - Angel V Prado www.angelvprado.com
Photography - www.avp.photo @angelvprado
Makeup - Albert Elizondo www.albertelizondo.com @albertelizondo
Styling - Evelyn Cota www.cotaimageandstyling.com @cota.ev
Model - Liv Walker www.lamodels.com/?ref=M_1_7cbb86_32568 @livwalker