3 Simple Tricks For Thicker Looking Hair

Everyone's hair type requires a different approach in the styling department, especially when trying to get fine hair to appear thicker. From products to hair tools, there are numerous ways to help make up for the lack of hair density that we have. The overall goal here is thicker looking hair, so think weightless volume. When you have fine hair, it tends to be weighted down easily by product and the opposite goes for coarse hair. So with fine hair think less product and more reinforcements with the tools. If you have coarse hair but it runs on the thin side, you'll need a combination of products and tools to achieve a thicker and fuller hairstyle.

There are three key points to get your hair to appear thicker. Keep reading to learn what those are...

1. Product: With all the product options we have available to us, there are so many ways to make your hair appear thicker. Remember, product is not an option, it's a necessity!

  • Shampoo/Conditioner: It all begins with the wash! Using for a volumizing shampoo and conditioner will set up a solid base full of volume! We recommend using Redken Body Full Shampoo and Conditioner system; this removes product and leaves the hair with lasting volume, weightless shine and touchable fullness.
  • Sea Salt Spray: Apply a sea salt spray to your hair prior to blow drying. Not only will this give you flawless beach waves, but the salt within the product actually gives the hair a natural texture and creates volume. We recommend using Redken Fashion Waves 07; this adds texture, waves and extra hold to the hair!
  • Mousse: This is probably one of the most misunderstood products. Try using a volumizing mousse and apply it at the scalp before you blow dry. Whether you are curling your hair or straightening it, this will add the extra volume and body you are looking for! We recommend using Redken Guts 10; this adds body without leaving a film on the hair.
  • Texture Spray: If you haven’t invested in a texture spray yet, now is the time! Adding texture to the hair will of course add body, but steer clear of a spray that will weigh down the hair! Look for words like: weightless, flexible and airy. We recommend using Redken Wind Blown 05; this will add a weightless texture to the hair and a wind blown effect! Think magic in a bottle.

2. Tools: Another effective way to add thickness to the hair is with heat styling tools!

  • Diffuser: The diffuser isn’t just for those with natural curl to their hair! Try using your diffuser at a cooler temp and only drying about 80% of the hair, this will create body without the frizz. Then finish off drying with your nozzle and a round brush for a polished finish! We recommend using the diffuser included with the Sam Villa Professional Ionic Blow Dryer, this will create shine and body!
  • Texturizing Iron: Using a texturizing iron disrupts the natural texture of the hair, imparting more body and volume. When you need more volume in your curls, try the scrimping technique. For braids and updos, texturize all of your hair then brush out with your styling brush and watch your hair get up to 3 times thicker! We recommend using the Sam Villa TEXTUR® Iron. With its three heat settings and titanium coated plates, this iron is safe for all hair types while adding up to 3 times the volume.

3. Hairstyle:  If you are going for a thicker look, the obvious here is to avoid sleek hairstyles. Get rid of the sleek and wet ponytail, say goodbye to slicked back buns and definitely spend time on that voluminous blowout! Go for more disrupted and textured hairstyles, the messier the better!

  • Another factor is your haircut. If you have fine hair that is on the thicker side, the reason it may appear thinner is due to the weight of your hair. If your hair is long with no layers, chances are you are weighing down any potential fullness and body your hair may have. If you want to keep the length but add in volume, we suggest adding in some layers to reduce some of that weight, this will add some life back to those locks! Book an appointment with your hair stylist!
  • If you have thin, coarse hair, we suggest a textured lob or bob. This hair type can appear extremely thin and frizzy. Coarse hair requires more moisture and oils to keep the hair from drying out, so when you have longer hair it may be difficult for your hair to maintain nourishment. With coarse hair comes natural texture, which is something everyone wants! So embrace the natural texture with that new lob and enjoy the weightless volume that follows!

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