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5 Messy and Undone Summer Hairstyles

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    This Summer season it's all about the effortless and messy hairstyles. Braids are no longer sleek and perfect looking, curls are textured and our buns are messy! This trend is basically every girls dream because we no longer have to spend hours on our hair and quite honestly, we just don't want to anymore! This is definetaly one trend we hope sticks around for a few seasons.

    Check out our top five go-to messy and undone hairstyles!

    The Hair Flip: Simply change the part of your hair, in a flipping motion, then add some product and finish with a soft blow dry! VAVOOM, you’ve got amazing body! Get the full tutorial HERE.


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    Messy Bob: So you finally took a leap and cut your locks into that beautiful, textured bob but now you are thinking, "How the heck do I style my hair?" Smooth, sleek and perfectly placed hair is so last season and now we need to think, the messier the better! Yes, messy hair! Seems simple but there are some tips and tricks to help make this look happen in minutes! Get the full tutorial HERE.

    The Big Messy Bun: If you love the look of a hair bun but prefer texture over polish, then the Rough Bun is for you!  If you have “lived-in” hair that needs to be worn up, try this fun and easy technique that will give you a messy yet perfect bun. Get the full tutorial HERE.

    Messy Fishtail Braid: Braids continue to be our go to hairstyle for any occasion. Not only are braids the perfect hairstyle for lived in hair, it gives the illusion that you spent hours styling your hair when in fact you spent a few short minutes. Get the full tutorial HERE.


    Flat Iron Waves: For years we'’ve used our straightening iron to create smooth, sleek and straight styles. Slowly, we’'ve discovered this tool does more than straightening our hair! From loose waves to tight ribbon curls, you can create a wide variety of looks with just one heat styling tool. With any hair tool, there’s technique involved and it takes some practice to perfect! Get the full tutorial HERE.

    Do you have a messy go-to hairstyle? Share it on Instagram and use #samvilla so we can see!

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