5 Tips for Motivating and Educating a Salon Staff

It'’s just simply not enough to hire a great staff these days; a salon owner must cultivate that team to ensure that they stay motivated and educated. It’'s an ongoing process that should be factored into long-term plans.

Below are 5 tips that you can use to motivate and educate your salon staff:

  1. Offer staff a 10% retail commission with a sliding scale – it will make the team feel vested in the success of retail sales, therefore motivating them to sell to guests.
  2. After 5 years of service, offer 1 week paid vacation – it’'s a motivating factor to get staff to stay with the salon for at least 5 years, plus it'’s a great way to reward loyalty and hard work.
  3. Bring in top educators from manufacturers for mandatory free in-salon education on cutting, coloring and styling, and do it 6 times per year.  Advise each new stylist when hired so they are aware of their responsibilities, and create and communicate the education calendar to staff 6 months in advance so stylists can plan to attend each session.
  4. Reward and recognize stylists who demonstrate outstanding performance - send them to an all expense paid educational event and have them share what they learned with the entire team.
  5. If possible, offer medical insurance and a 401K plan, it will help attract higher caliber stylists who are serious about their careers, and it promotes longevity.

If you don’t use it, you loose it,’ this applies to stylists as well, so keep staff motivated and educated and they will remain the top tier salon professional you hired.