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6 Causes of Hair Loss

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    There is nothing more devastating than watching your gorgeous hair fall down the shower drain. We do everything we can to grow and maintain the health of our hair, but without fail, life steps in and takes down one hair at a time. Our hair is one of the first responders to a change in the body, which results in hair loss.

    Shedding is normal and it’'s more than we realize! On average the human head looses around 50-100 strands of hair a day! Pretty surprising, right? With that being said, anytime you see an increase in hair loss it can be for a variety of reasons. Below we’ve listed the most common causes of increased hair loss, but we always recommend giving your professional stylist a call.


    Physical and emotional stress are the most common causes of increased hair loss. Hair has a programmed life cycle: a growth phase, rest phase, and shedding phase. When your body experiences stress, it triggers the shedding cycle and causes an increase in hair loss.


    From a lack of protein to too much Vitamin A, it’s important to balance your nutrition intake and diet. When the body lacks protein, hair growth will be halted to compensate for the deficit. And too much Vitamin A will actually cause the hair to shed faster!  One out of 10 women suffers from an iron deficiency which also triggers hair loss.

    Birth Control/Pregnancy

    The hormones in your birth control have the same reaction as the hormones that your body releases while pregnant, resulting in hair loss.

    Medical Causes

    Intense hair loss can be triggered by various autoimmune diseases, such as Lupus and Alopecia. Be sure to contact your physician with any symptoms and concerns.

    Dramatic Weight Loss

    Whether the weight loss is beneficial for your body or not, a rapid drop in weight can cause the body physical stress and result in hair loss. Don't worry, this is usually only a temporary side effect and will grow back with time.

    Heat, Styling and More

    From straightening to blow drying, braids and styling, we tend to over stimulate and wear out our hair. Chemicals are a huge contributor to hair loss as well. Always use a heat protectant before blow drying and straightening your hair, and refrain from tying wet hair into tight buns and braids  This stretches the hair which causes it to break. Remember to be gentle with your hair!

    We recommend you always contact your stylist when you experience an increased amount of hair loss. They are able to prescribe treatments and prevent further hair loss. Don't ever hesitate to express concern.

    Maintaining proper health to the hair begins with a trim and visit your stylist. Discover just how often you should be getting a trim along with more tips from the professionals!