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Polish and Shorten Up - Adapting the Latest Trends for Your Clients

Andrew Carruthers

Author Andrew Carruthers | Education Director for Sam Villa


Trends can be tricky... some clients want to be told what’s in, and adopt the looks even if they don’t suit them, but most clients are more interested in looks that fit their lifestyle and neighborhood, yet look modern.

Andrew Carruthers, co-owner of Lunatic Fringe Sugarhouse in Salt Lake City, Utah, caters to both, but his bread and butter is middle aged professional women that are stylish and savvy enough to pick what’s right for them (with the guidance of their stylist, of course!).

So, Andrew adopts specific aspects of trends that compliment this group, like adding something new to a simple shape that makes it modern. Right now, it’s all about Polish and Androgyny. Polish “Natural texture (curls, waves, clumps, bumps and frizz) has been popular for so long, women are looking for something new now. They want more polish, but they can’t go back to flat and straight, so we’re seeing shapes with multiple textures - smooth upper surfaces that add polish with raw edges for freshness,” explains Andrew.

In essence, the look is created by disconnection. True, disconnection has become a buzzword with a bad rap among clients, so just change the description to detached... because we all know that a detached interior will create a modern silhouette with softness.

The key is making hair look casual and polished at the same time, so use styling products for control and shine, but don’t overdo it and compromise the movement and softness.



Androgyny “Long hair has been strong for so many years... and years, and years, and years, BUT the time has finally come, women are asking stylists to CUT IT OFF!

“I’m amazed at how many women want cropped androgynous cuts, they’re pouring in with determination and pictures of boyish crops. I think they’re seeing celebrities like Ginnifer Goodwin, Charlize Theron, Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway pull it off and they realize how fashionable and wearable the look is,” said Andrew.

"In the past, our clients have asked for longer wispy perimeters and fringes when going short, now they’re asking to have those cropped in closer to add that boyish feel, rather than fighting it. These women are no longer addicted to the softness of long hair – they’re letting that go.

They’re confident about going really short and androgynous - styled messy and textured or combed to the side with pomade, these women know what they want and it’s short,” he adds.