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What is Automated Marketing & How Can it Increase the Value of Each Client

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

In a previous post, Online Booking & Distribution Will Grow Your Business, we described how online booking can help your salon get email addresses and phone numbers for all your clients. However, once you have a client’s contact information and appointment history in one place, what can you do with it in order to improve your business?

Studies have shown that 72% of clients choose email as their preferred method of communication with salons they do business with, and text messages consistently outperform email by as much as 20X in terms of actually engaging clients.

As a busy salon owner, how can you find time to send personalized, relevant, and appreciated communications to your clients on a regular basis? This is where automated marketing can really make the difference.

What Is Automated Marketing?

Automated marketing is the practice of using software to send communications to your clients, or potential clients, on a set schedule or triggered by a particular action. If you shop on Amazon, you might have gotten an email informing you that your favorite author is releasing a new book, and offering you a chance to buy it online. Another example is your dentist sending a postcard or email that it’s time for your next teeth cleaning. In these cases, you don’t need or expect a personal call--just a gentle reminder that’s timely and to the point. Automated marketing can be used for nearly any communication, but here are a few ideas that your salon can take advantage of immediately:

automated appointment confirmations on your mobile deviceAppointment Confirmations

Interactive, automated reminders can reduce no-shows by 50% or more. Preventing just one or two no-shows a week can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars a month in extra revenue for the salon. Clients even have the option to confirm the appointment by text message, which is especially powerful when integrated into an online scheduling tool like MyTime so that stylists and front desk staff know at all times which appointments are confirmed and which may need a follow-up.

Overdue Reminders

Re-booking reminders are another great way automated marketing can help grow your salon. You can set reminders to go out after a set amount of time has passed since the last service was last received. Maybe you set this to send every 6 weeks for a Men’s Haircut, and longer for a Woman’s Color. This is a great way to gently remind clients who have let things go a bit too long between appointments and puts your salon front-of-mind for the client right as they are likely thinking about their next appointment. Reducing the time between visits by even 10% can have a dramatic effect on your bottom line.

Referral and Review Requests

In our post, Importance of Online Presence and Reviews for Your Salon [cross-link], we described how you can make online reviews a growth engine for your business. Automated marketing can further help spread the word about your salon through referrals or online reviews. It’s not always easy asking for referrals in person, but the reality is that happy clients want you to be successful and are usually more than willing to help -- they just need the gentle nudge that an automated email can provide. You can even use an automated approach to go one step further by surveying each client after their appointment and asking only the highly satisfied ones to refer a friend, write a review, or share their experience on social media. Use your valuable in-person time to build a rapport with your clients and let the software do the heavy lifting of helping your customers spread the word about your salon and your fantastic stylists.

Automated Marketing Saves Time & Money

Marketing experts have shown that it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. When done well, automated marketing helps you be more personal with your clients and increase their loyalty and business as a result. By spending just a small amount of time up front to activate great appointment reminders, rebooking prompts, and referral communications, you can get back more time to spend with your clients and grow your business at the same time.

Sam Villa is excited to partner with MyTime as the preferred scheduling, marketing, and point of sale solution for Sam Villa clients. Learn more at www.mytime.com/samvilla.