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Become a Trendsetter

Geneva Cowen

Author Geneva Cowen | Artistic Director for Sam Villa

The fastest way to become a trendsetter is to start a trend. Simple, right?


Last week I was inspired by my research on Betty Page. Six of my guests were open to my inspiration and hair began to hit the floor. I customized each fringe to their facial structure and the changes were dramatic...and FUN! The finished hairstyles were on trend and were representative of looks from Fashion Week. But even stronger than the looks being on trend was my love for the finished looks.


I saw 50 guests this past week and my fringe inspiration was an option for only six. The point is this: if you are inspired, can sell the concept and it looks great on your guest it will create a buzz. In all circles, our guests love us and want to talk about why you are the coolest. So give your clients an opportunity to talk about you!


This is a conversation I had with my guest last week:

Me: I have been doing research on iconic hairstyles in history and I love Betty Page. Her fringe was so beautiful and I think you should cut your fringe.

Guest: Really?

Me: Yes. You have had a side sweeping fringe for 2 years and your face and eyes are beautiful. I think you are ready for change.

Guest: Really, are you sure?

Me: Yes do it! It's just bangs, you still get to keep your beautiful long hair and if you don't like it will grow out in two months. I would not suggest it unless I knew it would look amazing on you and it will.

And it did! As a stylist, we have the power to start a revolution! Become the stylist that when a major trend happens your guests can say, I had that look 2 years ago!

Love, Peace, and Hair Grease.
Geneva Cowen, Artistic Director for Sam Villa