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Block Coloring, Patterns & Pastels: Spring Hair Color Palette

Geneva Cowen

Author Geneva Cowen | Artistic Director for Sam Villa

Just like fashion, hair trends change with each season. Tina Calzaretta, Redken National Performing Artist and Exchange Facilitator, updates us on the current color palette.

Pastel Hair Color by Sam Villa & Tina Calzaretta

The new trend is creating texture with color, and come spring, there will be a big change in hair color. Fashion is a huge inspiration for me and with fashion week wrapping up, we have seen some amazing trends. Fashion is a true reflection of where our industry is headed - strong structure, block coloring in tone, and lots of patterns.

So, how does that reflect in hair? I'm transitioning clients into block coloring, but it's not the block coloring you've seen in the past. I'm utilizing block coloring sectioning to give hair a textured look. Placing patterns in these sections creates interest, and by strategically placing the section, I give my color guest versatile looks. It's all about versatility this season. This also gives them the low maintenance color that Ombre? delivered in the past.

Today's guests are very savvy – due to the media, guests know what's fresh, and so it's very important to me that my color guests be sophisticated and on trend. We've been seeing pastels for a while now, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj - this season they will be in full force – purples, oranges, pinks, blues. How do you adapt this trend for guests? Keeping them tone on tone allows me to adapt a wearable trend for any age.

I love utilizing toners on my blonde guests to achieve this. Redken Shades EQ Conditioning Color Gloss is my favorite tool for this on previously lighted hair. Foiling out. 09v + equal parts processing solution creates a beautiful pastel violet, 09rb + equal parts processing solution creates an amazing blush tone.

The ultimate formula to make any blonde look blonder is Hi-Fusion Yellow with 10 vol pro-oxide.


For more eccentric guests, use a pastel as the base. The perfect pastel peach color is Color Fusion 1oz 12Go + 1/8 7CC + 1 1/8 30 vol. pro-oxide accented with textured patterns (see photo above).

Credits for peach pastel hairstyle:
Hair: Sam Villa.
Color: Tina Calzaretta.
Art Direction: Geneva Cowen.
Hair Assistants: George Garcia, Andrew Carruthers and Mary Urban.
Fashion Stylists: Pasqual Sauvageau and Jeremie Cote.
Photographer: Shalem Mathew - Assistant: Mitch Kitter.
Shoulder piece & corset: House Of Vile.