Blow Drying Techniques You Can Do At Home

With a little direction and practice you can easily achieve at-home salon style results on your own. The keys to success in these next 4 video clips are the airflow from your blow dryer and the tools/products you use to create your look. You have heard us state – “Product is not an option, it is a necessity” and we will continue to remind everyone that, without styling product, all the work you put into a blow dry will fail you - your look will not hold without styling product!


While you are unable to permanently change the growth pattern of a cowlick we are here to provide a simple blow dry technique for you to take control and alter the growth each time you dry your bangs.

For best results, work with your bangs very wet:

  1. Begin by picking up Sam Villa Signature Series Comb – in a contrasting color to your hair.
  • Light comb for dark hair and dark comb for light hair.
  • For this technique you will be working with the fine teeth of the comb to compress the hair giving you maximum control over the cowlick.
  • Turn your Professional Ionic Blow Dryer on medium to high heat.
  • Start to comb the fringe area with the fine teeth of the comb from right to left – down toward your face, following with the nozzle of the blow dryer. Be sure to comb the hair directly at the hair line in the cowlick area.
  • Repeat this 2-3 times and then switch the direction from left to right, again working down toward your face.
  • You will discover that you are creating an "X" pattern. The motion and repetitiveness of the "X" pattern will confuse the hair as to which way it should lay, disrupting the growth pattern and allowing it to lay the way you like it.

If you have a similar growth pattern or cowlick challenges in the nape area, no problem! Just work with the fine teeth of the comb to compress the hair and follow with your dryer in the direction you want the hair to lay. Repeat until the hair along the neckline lays in the desired direction.


Looking for frothy volume and bounce resulting in your hair swept perfectly away from your face? You can achieve the swept-back look in just in a few steps. Keep reading to discover how you can create this iconic look at home in just minutes!

The key to any successful blow dry is the combination of the following:

  • Patience!
  • Styling product best suited to your hair type.
  • A good round brush suited to your hair type.
  • A good ionic blow dryer to assist in less time to dry the hair.
  • Patience!

Tools and Product:

Sam Villa Signature Series Thermal Brush
Sam Villa Dry Sectioning Clips
Sam Villa Light Professional Ionic Blow Dryer
Redken Velvet Gelatine 07 Cushioning Blow Dry Gel
Redken Pillow Proof Two-Day Extender
Redken Control Addict 28 Extra High Hold Hairspray

Our model’s hair was previously blown dry with a wrap blow dry technique using Redken Velvet Gelatine 07 cushioning blow dry gel as our styling product.

Step By Step:
  1. Section the hair:
    • Nape, crown, top and sides, secure with Sam Villa Dry Clips
      Why these clips? – The clips are uniquely designed to grip the hair without leaving any clip marks
      Why is sectioning the hair an important step? – Sectioning will keep you in control within the section you are working with. It will deter you from picking up hair from another section
  2. Select a professional brush suitable for your hair type:
    Why is this important? – Selecting a the right brush will ensure maximum results:

    • Thermal brushes conduct more heat from the air of a blow dryer and are ideal for fine to medium hair – these brushes will impart maximum volumeProfessional Fine Medium Brush Guide
    • Boar bristle brushes provide closure to the cuticle layer of the hair ensuring an ultimate smooth finish and are ideal for medium to coarse hair.Professional Medium Coarse Brush Guide
  3. Begin on one side – working with smaller sections within your main sections will result in maximum results!
  4. Spray the section with Redken Pillow Proof Two-Day Extender – this product will refresh the previous blow dry and add extra body.
    • HOT TIP: Consider the angle and direction of your brush - this will determine the end result.
  5. Attach a nozzle to your blow dryer.
    Why is this important? – Nozzles allow for much more concentrated airflow from the dryer to the hair resulting in faster drying time.
  6. Using both hands roll the section around the brush.
  7. Pick up your dryer and point the nozzle at your hand holding the brush, then move the nozzle over to your brush – this will ensure you are blow drying your hair and not the air!
  8. Roll the brush away from your face following through with the nozzle on the dryer.
  9. Then, roll the hair out and in again until the section is dry.
  10. Before you release the section, hit the cold shot button to ‘set’ the section.
  11. Turn the dryer off and set it down.
    • HOT TIP: The most common mistake in a blow dry is not allowing the section to cool down before releasing the brush within each section – all the work you put into it will fail – the cool down is key to a long lasting blow dry!
  12. Release the section by twisting the hair out of the brush away from your face – this will prevent any tangling of the hair around the brush.
  13. Approach your next section and repeat steps 3-12.
  14. Once you have completed all sections, move the hair away from your face with your fingers and mist the hair with Redken Control Addict 28 Extra High Hold Hairspray to create more movement and volume, Be sure to hold the nozzle of the spray at least 6-8 inches away from the hair.

The more control you have within your sections, the less chance of ending up with fly-aways and tangles while round brushing your hair. Also, determine which brush is best for your hair type!


Create a faux hawk ‘do’ on your own? Yes, you can do it!

Suggested Tools and Product
  • Sam Villa Signature Series Paddle Brush.
  • Sam Villa Signature Series Styling Brush.
  • Sam Villa Signature Series Tail Comb.
    • HOT TIP: Utilizing a comb in a contrasting color to your hair enables you to read the hair - light comb for dark hair, dark comb for light hair.
  • Sam Villa Light Professional Ionic Blow Dryer w/Nozzle.
  • Sam Villa Thermal Brush 2” – for long hair.
  • Redken Hot Sets Thermal Setting Mist.
  • Redken Fashion Work 12 Versatile Working Spray.
  • Hair Friendly Hair Ties.
    • HOT TIP: Go for either fabric hair ties without seams or snag-free elastics ties.
  • Bobbie Pins
    • HOT TIP:
      • The style works best on next-day hair, not freshly shampooed hair.
      • Be sure to attach a nozzle to your dryer and use medium to low heat.
      • The directional blow dry with the Paddle Brush is key to apply lift back away from the face and off the scalp.
      • A Tail Comb is essential to create a clean section from the front from the back.
      • A little ‘teasing’ with the Styling Brush goes a long way to ensure fullness and longevity.


Discover the easiest way to control your blow dryer and round brush to create perfectly beveled bangs!

Maintaining the look of a full bang, or ‘fringe’ as we professionals call it is simple with the right tools and product. In this video clip you will notice Sam’s model is working on dry hair. The model’s hair is next-day hair, not freshly shampooed hair.

What you do not see in this video clip is the application of Redken Pillow Proof Extender Two Day Extender Dry Shampoo. This product is perfect for extending the life of your blow dry by at least 2 days! It instantly refreshes your hair by absorbing oils. We often find bangs to be oily on the second day due to the natural oils on our forehead. Simply spray at least 6-8 inches from the scalp area of the bangs and comb through or work the product through with your fingers.

Tools and Product:
    • Sam Villa Thermal Brush – for this video the Sam Villa 1.5” Thermal Brush as the model has fine hair.
      • HOT TIP: The ceramic core of thermal brushes conduct heat generated by the blow dryer not only to dry the hair quickly, yet, to impart more movement and volume.
      • HOT TIP: Rule of thumb for choosing brush size – the length of your bangs should wrap around the brush at least 1 time from scalp to ends.
    • Sam Villa Light Professional Ionic Blow Dryer with Nozzle.
      • HOT TIP: Redken Iron Shape 11 – This lightweight and award winning thermal spray product will protect the hair from the heat of the blow dryer with added shine.
The Technique:
      • Attach the nozzle to the Dryer.
      • Why is this important? – Nozzles allow for much more concentrated airflow from the dryer to the hair resulting in faster drying time.
      • Mist the bangs lightly with Redken Iron Shape 11 at least 6-8 inches away from the bangs.
      • Approach the bangs from underneath by placing the brush into the entire bang area with one hand and securing the bangs smoothly into the brush.
        • HOT TIP: Placing the hair into the brush before your begin your blow dry will give you the control you need to be sure the entire bang area stays in the brush.
      • Pick up your blow dryer and turn it on medium airflow.
        Lift the section as you roll the brush ensuring the nozzle of the dryer is not directly touching the hair or the brush.
      • Continue to lift the brush and roll the bangs follow through with the nozzle of the dryer to achieve the beveled ends and a little volume.

You will end up with a flawless shiny finish and beveled ends that will lie beautifully on your forehead with natural movement!