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Braid Inspiration! Add Texture To Your Braids And Make Them Extraordinary

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    The first time we came across Katie's Instagram account @abellasbraids, we couldn't stop browsing! From her adorable girls to her creative and amazing braids, we were glued! Katie has been using the Sam Villa TEXTUR® Iron for quite some time and the styles she creates with this iron are incredible. We show endless examples on adults but the majority of her styles are on her two children's hair, awesome right? Katie is originial, extremely talented and so sweet! Her YouTube, Blog and Instagram are flooded with tutorials, braid inspiration and even clothing!

    When working with childrens hair it tends to be fine, thin, limp and just plain hard to work with! Adding the texture to the hair (which is completely safe too) creates volume, extra hold and endless texture! Plus, it creates a crimp to the hair which the kids LOVE the look of.

    Katie shows just how much volume was added to her daughter Abella's hair below...Gorgeous! 

    Whether you want to create a fun braid, a bun or even a ponytail, Katie shows it all! Her youngest, Charlie shows just how adorable her pigtails are with the added texture, yet look at that volume (and her eyes!!)

    Her creative braids and hairstyles have caused over 74,000 people to follow her on Instagram! Just see for yourself and be prepared to be inspired!

    Textur Iron?

    For more texture, braid and other hairstyle inspiration head to Katie's blog!

    Katie showcases endless uses for the Textur iron! Her braiding is clean, beautiful and fun! We are always anxious to see what she comes up with next!

    You can view her Instagram (be sure to hit that follow button), her blog and her YouTube channel as well. Let the inspiration begin!

    Also, check out the texturizing hair tutorial on her blog and how to create a texture side french braid! So amazing!!!