Braided Bardot

Step 1: Prep Your Hair

  • Take horizontal sections and spray a minimum of 6-8" away with Redken quick tease 15 backcombing finishing spray to protect the hair from heat and for maximum iron results
  • Use the Sam Villa Textur® Texturizing Iron tapping the plates down the length to texturize the entire head of hair
  • After you have texturized the hair, brush through thoroughly with the Sam Villa Styling Brush to smooth the hair
  • Once this is completed you will be able to create amazing looks for a minimum of 4 days!
    • Purchase a quality shower cap - doing so will allow you the experience of a full shower and keeps your texture set intact
    • Use a dry shampoo such as Redken Powder Refresh 01 to deodorize your hair and remove excess oils
    • You can create amazing new looks every day with three times the volume and minimal styling time -- The Sam Villa Textur® Texturizing Iron is a must have if you are a hair fashionista (or even if you are hair-impared)

Step 2: Create Your Part

  • Set in your part where you naturally wear it
  • Use a Sam Villa Detangling Comb to separate the sides by combing hair off the face and letting it naturally split - this approach will give you a straight part every time

Step 3:  Section & Backcomb

  • Create a circle with your hands and place the circle in your crown area for a visual reference
  • With your Sam Villa Tail Comb and use it like you would a pencil to section our your crown
  • Use your Sam Villa Tail Comb to lightly backcomb the new growth – about 2” away from your scalp
  • Use your Sam Villa Styling Brush to gently brush the hair away from your face and smooth out the hair

Step 4:  French Braid Your Hair

  • You’ll begin to braid on the side with the most hair
  • Gather hair from the front of your head and separate it into 3 even sections
  • Begin by crossing over the sections once, as you would for a regular braid
  • Create the design around your face by only adding hair to the back side of the braid (the section closest to your crown) this will keep the front looking controlled
  • Continue your French Braid, adding hair to the outside sections before crossing over the center section, until you arrive at the center of your nape (back of the head)
  • Continue with a regular braid all the way to the bottom and secure with an elastic

STEP 5: Cross & Pin The Braids

  • Cross both braids and pin each braid into the opposite side with a medium bobby pin

Step 6: Secure & Finish Your Updo

  • Use your Sam Villa Styling Brush and gently smooth your circular section away from your face
  • Using both hands, roll the section under ensuring the ends are secure
  • Anchor the bun with a long hairpin
  • Finish with Redken fashion work 12 versatile hairspray
  • HOT TIP: When securing a shape with a hairpin begin by placing the pin thru the shape in the opposite direction, then secure it back toward the desired shape using a hook movement. This will allow for maximum tension and security.

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Production Team: Geneva Cowen, Tina Calzaretta, Mary Urban, Rafa Bertelli and Jeremy McDougle

Photographer: Shalem Mathew