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Braided Center Part Bohemian Hairstyle with Color Accents

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    The braided center part is one of summer’s hottest trends. Whether you are wanting to get your fringe off your face while at the beach or going out for the night, this hairstyle is one that is simply perfect for any occasion! Dress it up with jewels and color or compliment it with a simple bun and the look is perfection.

    The best part being that can be done in just minutes, because lets be real here when it’s summer time, we want quick and easy.

    Watch the simple and easy to follow video tutorial by Redken artist and educator Cindy Duplantis above and follow the steps below!

    Tools You Will Need:

    • Sam Villa Professional Texturizing Iron: This will provide more volume, hold and will also help eliminate excess oils which is great for the summertime!
    • Sam Villa Tail Comb: Not only is this comb heat resistent but will help section off the hair without any snagging.
    • Redken Iron Shape 11: This thermal protectant spray not only protects the hair from heat damage but will also add a little hold to hair, helping that braid and texture stay into place.
    • Redken Color Rebel: This is where we can get creative. When heading out for the night, we recommend you add a little temporary color to your hair to add some glam to your look!


    Now lets get started!!

    • Begin by creating a center part starting from the crown forward to the fringe, making the parting section about 1" wide.
    • Spray that section with Redken Iron Shape 11 for heat protection and hold.  Next, use your Sam Villa Texturizing Iron, working in managable sections (about 1/4" thick and no wider than the width of the plates) to make the hair thicker and full of volume.
    • Begin your inverted braid starting at the crown and moving forward towards your fringe.

    HOT TIP: Need help getting the rythm of braiding? Click HERE and check out these tips on gaining control and creating great braids!

    • Once you have reached the fringe, take the right section of your braid, cross over, then combine that with the left side section of the fringe and secure with a bobby pin. Take the remaining sections of your braid and cross over to combine with the right side section of your fringe and secrure with a pin.
    • Braid sections, secure with an elastic and secure with bobby pins on the sides of your head under your hair (to hide the bobby pins). If your hair is long enough try wrapping both braids around your head, meet them in the back and secure with elastic.
    • Use Redken Color Rebel to paint your braid; in my case I used gold.   After dabbing on your color use any jewelry (brooch, earrings or charms) and secure in the braid at the point of where it splits into three sections.


    There you have it simple, fast and fabulous right? Proving just how perfect this braided hairstyle is for any occasion, it's been seen at music festivals such as Coachella and the runways in NYC!

    We can't wait to see your braided center parts! Share and tag your Instagram pictures with #samvilla and tag @cindyduplantis & @samvillahair for your chance to be featured!

    Be sure to follow Cindy on InstagramFacebook and leave some love below for her amazing tutorial!