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Close more retail sales in the salon through suggestive selling

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | Founding Partner of Sam Villa

At the end of the client's service, stylists often go into a sense of panic trying to make sure to talk about retail, referrals, as well as pre-book their next appointment.

Wouldn't it be great to know you had a partner of sorts, to help you out with all of these important customer service principles? This is where the front desk team can help stylists out!

The end of the client's appointment is probably the most important time for Team Synergy. Having planned systems and scripts implemented is critical to customer service as well as sales during the last few minutes of a client's appointment.

Creating a partnership relationship between front desk staff and stylist team will increase the chances of a clients taking home recommended home care products as well as leaving with their next appointment.

Here's how to create synergy between the stylists and front desk in your salon:

  1. Educate the client on what products you are using at the station, then write down the product recommendations on your client traveler sheet, your service ticket, or use Redken's product recommendation pad. Let the client know you are writing down your recommendations and the front desk can help them with any products they would like to take home when you go to the front.
  2. Next, escort the client to the front desk and bring the written product recommendations up with you. Hand the sheet or ticket to the front desk person and let the front desk know that you recommended these products. Verbally (in front of your client) ask the front desk person to help the client with any of these products that they would like to take home. Not only will the client see this as great customer services and team work, it gives a smooth transition from stylist to the front desk.
  3. Let the front desk do their magic by completing the sale of the home care items. The front desk team can also mention current promotions such as professional thermal tools and brushes on special!
  4. Creating an outstanding client experience is ensuring that the guest was taken care of from the moment they picked up the phone to closing the final home care sale and pre-booking the appointment before they leave. This can only be accomplished when the team works together in perfect harmony of Team Synergy.

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