Hair Salon Client Consultation - Master Communication, Master The Biz [VIDEO]

With society's dependence on technology and the influence of the media, clients have become more sophisticated, knowledgeable and fashion forward about beauty. To retain them as customers, salon professionals have to be master communicators.

Sam Villa recommends five tips for becoming a better communicator and mastering the biz. Client Consultation

1. Master the Consultation
Mastering the consultation is vital to retaining customers. It informs guests of the stylist's knowledge and creates an opportunity to build the confidence level of the guest. It also gives the salon professional the time to formulate a plan of action for the technique, service and products.

2. Develop Good Questioning Skills
Instead of asking clients what they have in mind for their hair, which can be a dead end question, ask them what their goals for their hair are - the more info gathered, the greater the chance of meeting goals. Ask what they like, as well as what they don't like. Ask what kind of products they like to use - when I hear mousse, I think volume; lotion, softness and movement; and gel, a strong hold. Gather the vital information needed for a flawless finish.

Client Consultation

3. Respect Time
Always greet guests when they arrive – show them you respect time and they will do the same. If you are running late, be upfront and ask if your guest would like to run errands and come back in a specified amount of time instead of making them wait and wonder. When they see that you are conscious of being on time, they will want to be on time for appointments too.

4. Be Honest and Realistic
If a guest requests a look that just won't work, have enough confidence to tell them and the skills to propose an alternate look. Clients come to professional stylists for their expertise, keep standards high by respecting them enough to be honest and realistic. Here's a trick - if a guest shows a picture of a celebrity with hair that just won't work, cover up the celebrity's face and ask what they specifically like about the hair. This way, you can explain why the various elements of the cut and /or color will or will not work on them.

5. Be a Leader
Guests expect leadership from a hairdresser – take charge and demonstrate leadership by listening and guiding with confidence during the consultation, service and retail recommendations.

Sam explains how to effectively conduct a consultation with your clients - watch the video above!