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Deep Side Parts

Geneva Cowen


Deep side parts are where it’s at this season and the key to creating a flat, exaggerated, side part is to use a comb when blow drying instead of a brush. Hair is being redirected from its natural growth pattern, a brush can'’t get as close to the scalp as a comb to redirect the base of the hair shaft - it can be done with a brush, but it won’t last as long.

You need tension and heat - the fine teeth of the comb provide tension and the blow dryer should be on medium to high heat to reform bonds.

How To Create an Exaggerated Side Part

  • Apply Redken iron shape 11 to towel dried hair for control.
  • Use a Sam Villa Short Styling Comb with fine teeth (it’s made to work with heat styling tools) to section part.
  • With the nozzle of the E-T.C Light Ionic Blow Dryer, directionally dry hair (medium to high heat) to the side, making sure to grab hair at the scalp with the comb.
  • Finish with Redken control addict 28 for touchable hold and shine.





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Hair: Geneva Cowen for Sam Villa®
Photographer: Shalem Mathew