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Desert Rose | Spring Hair Trends

Lainee Read

Author Lainee Read | Social Media Manager, Sam Villa

This spring season it's all about warm tones and easy braids! Whether you have short hair or long hair, this simple rosette braid is the perfect accent for any occasion! We don't have time to spend countless hours on our hair, that's where simple and chic accents come into play, leaving us more time to enjoy the fresh air and music season!

Check out this beautiful rosette braid by Los Angeles hair stylist & photographer and Sam Villa featured blog contributor Angel V Prado!

GifdesertRose-1 Begin by spraying Redken pillow proof blow dry two day extender dry shampoo on the roots for added texture and volume.
GifdesertRose-2 Create a dutch braid down the hairline, finishing off with a basic three strand braid.
GifdesertRose-3 Dishevel and expand the braid.
GifdesertRose-4 Flip braid over behind the hairline and pin flat using a bobby pin.
GifdesertRose-5 Spin ends into a rosette shape and secure with bobby pin.


As if we didn't love our dry shampoo's enough, using it for added hold and volume just solidifies, we must all have this product on hand! Don't be afraid to set the warm tone this spring season and for more inspiration check out #UltaTrendAlert on Instagram!

Want more tips, tricks and education? Be sure to follow @samvillahair on Instagram. Finally, if you have any questions or tips that you would like to share please leave them in the box below.

Photography & Hair Styling – Angel V. Prado @angelvprado - www.angelvprado.com
Makeup Artist – Robert Bryan @robertti - www.robertbryanartistry.com
Model – Stephanie Navarro @stephanienavarro