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Ribbons Aren’t Just for School Girls

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | CO-FOUNDER SAM VILLA©

Carlotta Oddi from Vogue Japan rocks a sexy side bow that looks like it could be paired with…CHANEL?  It’s unexpected and oh so feminine.

Caroltta Oddi Simple Hair BowCarlotta Oddi rocks a sexy side bow.

Another romantic and feminine way to accessorize your hair is by wrapping a silky ribbon around the elastic of your low ponytail. In the photo below from the Nina Ricci collection at Paris Fashion Week, Guido Palau used silky black ribbon to create a grown-up, romantic look. Learn more about this look here.

Nina Ricci Low Ponytail with Ribbon Paris Fashion Week?

Nina Ricci Collection at Paris Fashion Week 2013

Finally, tie a ribbon around the base of your messy top bun for a modern Holly Golightly vibe, or weave trimming into braids for a Bohemian look.

Messy Top Bun with Ribbon Tied Around BaseBig Messy Bun with Ribbon Tied Around the Base

Ribbon is now a sophisticated accessory…and it's so affordable!