Disconnection: Hybrid Cutting

Disconnection: Hybrid Cutting

Has your client ever come in with an assortment of inspo pics & you don’t know where to start? This class will bring clarity to your consultation & overall cut by breaking down how-to piece together different shapes through disconnection. You'll learn how to push the boundaries to marry classic cutting shapes through hybrid techniques combining elements of pixies, shags, bobs & mullets to create fresh new silhouettes.

What You'll Learn:

  • Hear how-to understand the head form so you can uniquely personalize your cuts for each client.
  • See where to remove weight to condense a shape or when to build texture to enhance volume.
  • Learn how-to creatively combine classic shapes for disconnected hybrid cuts intermixing elements of pixies, bobs, shags & mullets.

Monday, May 10
8:00 AM PT | 11:00 AM ET

Where To Watch: