How To Create a Double Crossed Chignon

Whether you are heading out to a formal event, have professional meetings or just want to change things up, this easy updo will have you looking fabulous in no time at all! Texturize your hair, section, cross, roll and pin - that's all it takes to create this hairstyle. You'll love the positive comments and people asking how you created this hairstyle! Let's get started...

Double Crossed Chignon Step 1

For best results, texturize your hair with the Sam Villa Textur® Iron to create volume and soft, moldable texture making your hair easier to work with. To texturize your hair, take horizontal sections and spray a minimum of 6-8" away with Redken quick tease 15 backcombing finishing spray to protect the hair from heat and for maximum iron results. Use the Sam Villa Textur® Texturizing Iron tapping the plates down the length of your hair to texturize the entire head.


Step 1.

Double Crossed Chignon Step 1

With your Sam Villa Detangling Comb separate the sides by coming your hair straight back off the face and let it split naturally between the top and side sections. Secure these sections with your Sam Villa Hair Clips.


Step 2.

Double Crossed Chignon Step 2

Next, separate the sides of your hair from the top section down to in front of your ear. Repeat on the opposite side. Bring the rest of the hair from the sides, behind the front sections, to the back of your head and combine with the top section. Secure a low ponytail using a hair bungee. Take a hair elastic and secure the bottom of your ponytail about 2-4" from the bottom. Notice how thick the ponytail is and how much volume has been created by prepping the hair with the Sam Villa Textur® Iron!


Step 3.

Double Crossed Chignon Step 3Double Crossed Chignon Step 4

Take the front left section and wrap it up and over the hair bungee that is securing your ponytail. Pin in place with a medium length hairpin.



Step 4.

Double Crossed Chignon Step 5Double Crossed Chignon Step 6

Pick up the front right section and cross it up and over the last section, wrapping it around the ponytail. Secure with another medium length hairpin.


Step 5.

Now it's time to create the chignon! Here we go...

Double Crossed Chignon Step 7

Double Crossed Chignon Step 8Double Crossed Chignon Step 9

Take both hands and tuck the end of the ponytail under and begin to roll the hair up. Roll the entire length of the ponytail. Secure on each side with two medium or long hairpins, depending on the length of your hair.



Double Crossed Chignon Step 10

Double Crossed Chignon Step 11

Here's how your Double Crossed Chignon could look from the back. You decide the final shape of the chignon!


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Production Team: Geneva Cowen, Tina Calzaretta, Mary Urban, Rafa Bertelli and Jeremy McDougle

Photographer: Shalem Mathew