Finding a Qualified Front Desk Team Member [Follow Up]

In my opinion, someone who is qualified to become part of the front desk team is someone who has had past customer care and sales experience.

This could range from working at Bath and Body Works, Victoria Secret, or a busy restaurant. This person also should possess "natural social skills" such as the ability to engage in an interesting and comfortable conversation, makes great eye contact and has an outgoing personality.

This combination of past experience and natural ability is an essential foundation for someone who is ultimately going to be the first impression of your salon-brand over the phone, as well as a client's first glance of your team's professional appearance (hair, nails, makeup, dress) during their salon visit.

HOT TIP:  When hiring front desk team members, instead of setting up a lot of single interviews, set up a GROUP INTERVIEW (do not tell the candidate that this is a group interview). When they arrive, let them know you will be doing a group interview.

This is a great way to save time on your schedule, and also observe their social skills! Next, it's important to understand that this position in the salon is a "transient" position. Normally we see front desk professionals come and go more often that service providers. One of the reasons is due to the limited salon budget that is available to pay front desk salaries (only 5% of your total salon's gross revenue is available to pay EVERYONE at the front desk).

Since salon budgets don't allow for a high hourly wage, it's ok to hire someone that will leave us once they get their degree. I love career-minded people, and I love that we can provide a great working experience and become a stepping stone for their future.

HOT TIP:  Understand that the "life-span" of a great front desk person may only be 1 - 2 years. The trick to an efficient front desk that has short term employment is the ability of a strong, accurate front desk training program. THE ANATOMY OF A GREAT FRONT DESK VIDEO TRAINING SERIES teaches new and existing front desk professionals the importance of First Impression, Phone Skills, Greeting the Client, Offering Additional Services, Selling Gift Cards and More!  This is the best investment you will ever spend on your front desk!

Kristi Valenzuela Salon Success Coach | Crystal Focus Coaching