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From Lob to Bob, Summer’s Hottest Hairstyle

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    Short hair is the new long!

    The bob is a classic hairstyle that has been around forever and will never go away. However, we'll continue to see this style evolve over time. Those with a bob can easily grow it out into a lob and those with longer hair can make the chop to quickly and easily change up their style.

    Last season introduced us to a version of the lob and women everywhere booked appointments and cut their hair. The lob appeared on celebrities and as it did, it began to transform into something fresh and new. Look around, a new bob has surfaced and it's full of texture and volume! All our favorite celebrities went from their lob to a textured bob. This hairstyle looks so beautiful and effortless – think perfect loose waves and messy texture.

    This is a perfect hairstyle for summer, so let's take a look at some of our favorite celebrities and how they have recently transformed their hair into a variation of the bob.

    Katie Holmes: Going from her usual long and classy locks, Katie made the plunge and accented her sophisticated cut with a textured bang to complete the look.

    Lauren Conrad:
    After Conrad got married she braved the trend and we weren't shocked one bit when she looked flawless with her lob. She didn't stop there. Shortly after making the drastic change, Conrad kept going shorter and shorter and we are obsessed.

    Mindy Kaling:
    Mindy just made the cut and can we just say sophisticated and sexy!!!

    Lucy Hale:
    Known for her long and thick waves, this P.L.L star made the drastic change and opted for a textured lob. We love that she didn't stop there and debuted this flawless textured bob.

    Dakota Johnson:
    Known for her more relaxed hair, Johnson went classy and stragiht to the bob with her trending piecy fringe.

    Jessica Alba:
    It seems no matter what hairstyle Alba has, she wears it flawlessly and the bob is no exception.

    Are you ready to go shorter? Talk with your stylist about the different short hair cuts you are loving, take in pictures and be ready to fall in love with your hair all over again!

    Once the chop has been made, it's time to change up your products and tools! Get all the dirt on what products and tools you need right HERE.

    If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the box below.

    Finally, show us your textured summer bobs on Instagram! Tag your photos using #samvilla for a chance to be featured :)