How to create a deconstructed hairstyle

Soft, organic, playful. These are just a few words to describe today’s deconstructed up styles that are perfect for daytime or an evening out!

The look is best for longer lengths, let’s get started!

Styling Product of Choice

  • Redken aerate 08 - bodifying cream-mousse (for all hair types).
  • Redken aerate 08 - bodifying cream-mousse (for all hair types).
  • Redken fashion work 12 - versatile working spray (for all hair types).
  • Redken shine flash 02 - glistening mist (for all hair types).
  • A "shammy" cloth cut approximately 18' long by 6' inches wide.


How to Create the Look - Step by Step

  1. Begin with a dollop of Redken aerate 08 in your hands, about the size of nickel. Apply to damp hair from the back to the front, evenly distributing throughout the head.
  2. Blow-dry with hands to rough up the cuticle.
  3. Isolate a 2-inch section of the entire hairline.
  4. Just above the isolated section, begin a fishtail braid from front to back on each side -concentrate on keeping the braid loose and airy.
  5. Bring the ends of the braid together along with pulling the isolated section into the back area and get creative with rolling and tucking the hair into the nape of the neck.
  6. Secure with Bobbies.
  7. Spray all over with Redken fashion work 09 to give the hair some hold and replace any ends into the "do".
  8. Now, here comes the fun part - get your shammy out and use it as a shoeshine cloth, sliding it back and forth over the "do" to create texture without disrupting the construction. This technique gives the "6PM" look instead of "12PM" look with an organic feel - perfect for a night out!
  9. Finish the look with Redken shine flash 02 glistening mist for all over shine.

Practice the technique on your fellow stylists on down time and wear the look to create excitement - your clients will be begging for it!