Best haircut for thick hair in the back and thin hair in the front [VIDEO]

We received a great question on our Facebook page from Kristy Wang (click here to ask your questions) where she asked, "What do you do when your client has tons of hair in the back but the front of her hair is starting to thin and switch parting doesn't help?".

Sam Villa suggests that you talk to your client about cutting a full fringe. Why, you ask? It's about camouflaging the area that is thin. By creating a full fringe you have now created the illusion of the hair looking thicker in the front to match the back.

What if your guest doesn't agree to a full fringe? Then you must lean on your client consultation skills to let your guest know that they will continue to have the same problems with their hair appearing thinner in the front. Remember, you are not a magician (although some of us like to think that we are :)).

Finally, we recommend that when you do cut a fring on your guest that you offer "fringe benefits." What is that? We're glad that you asked. Offer to trim your guests' fringe at no charge. By doing this, you are driving the guests back into the salon for possible new services, tips and also, you are the one that gets to maintain their fringe instead of trying to do that at home.

Be sure to watch the video above for more tips from Sam Villa and remember to leave any questions or comments in the box below.