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Healthy Hair Starts with Your Scalp

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    Want to know the key to stronger and healthier hair? It all starts with your scalp! Yes, your scalp. I think we tend to forget about the scalp because we don't see it everyday, unlike the ends of our hair which we focus on most. Discover how these 6 steps can change your scalp and help you achieve stronger and healthier hair.

    • Massaging Your Scalp: Massaging your scalp for about 1 minute while shampooing will strengthen the roots of your hair as well as remove excess buildup!
    • Shampoo: Our scalp produces natural oils that are actually GOOD for our hair, so it is important to choose a shampoo that won't dry out our scalp and rid it of those natural oils. Redken's Clear Moisture Shampoo is perfect for cleansing the hair without drying out the scalp. When shampooing your hair, begin with the balls of your fingers at the scalp - not the ends of your hair. Massage your scalp and work your way to the ends.
    • Exfoliate: Our scalp is skin, therefore it needs a good exfoliation to remove buildup from continuous product usage like hairspray and dry shampoos. Be careful not to over-exfoliate the scalp, causing the scalp to dry out.
    • Conditioner: Conditioner is for the HAIR, not your scalp. Concentrate the conditioner on the ends of your hair and work toward the scalp.
    • UV Protection: Our scalp is skin, right? Which means it's vulnerable to sun exposure. We recommend applying a small amount of sunscreen to the scalp where your hair is parted.

    Now that you've learned the importance of scalp care, discover how using Tequila to abosrb oil at your roots can save you in a product over use crisis.