How To Add Volume to Hair

Want HUGE VOLUME? Sam Villa has the secret, it’s called Texture Volume and it’s the hidden secret every woman needs to know for creating mega volume.  The technique builds a base of volume under the top layer of hair with a fine crimping pattern creating a voluminous frothy effect. Here’'s how it’s done:

  • Isolate hair in the crown and nape area, pin and set aside.
  • Starting 1-2” away from the front hairline, take a vertical slice of hair, hold straight out from the head and spray with Redken spray starch 15 versatile ironing spray to protect from heat and hold texture.
  • At the base of the slice only, compress hair vertically with the Sam Villa Textur® Texturizing Iron (tip of the iron pointing upwards) to imprint texture. Work vertically around the head until finished.
  • Drop the crown and nape sections down to hide the texture you have created. The volume at the base will create beautiful natural fullness in fine hair that will last all day long!


  • If your hair falls flat, take your fingers and shake up your roots! This will revive the texture and volumize the hair!
  • Spray roots with a small amount of dry shampoo to keep the oils from weighing down your roots and causing your volume to disappear!