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Holiday Hair Guide

Lainee Read

Author Lainee Read | Social Media Manager, Sam Villa

The holiday season is officially in full swing and you are probably finding yourself bouncing from one event to the next. Whether it’s a classy work party, a cozy family gathering, or date night with your honey, we want to look our best.

But the winter's cold, brittle air, all that partying, and the holiday hustle and bustle can wreak havoc on our stands. Never mind the panic we all feel when we want to "do something different" to change up our hairstyle for that special event.

We want you to enjoy this merry season without having to stress over your hair, so I reached out to the professionals for their recommendations to ensure we all look our best!

Geneva Cowen, artistic director for Sam Villa, tells us everything we need to know about getting holiday-perfect hair, whether visiting your stylist in the salon, or standing in front of your bathroom mirror.



Top KnotsChignons, and Sleek Ponytails. Classic and not over-done, these looks are perfect for a work party or formal event.

What to have on hand:

Tools to create these looks:

How to get the look:

Inspiration: Katy Parry, Gwen Stefani




Whether you are attending that fancy office party or a relaxed family dinner, a beautiful blowout is your go-to hairstyle. We recommend that you treat yourself to a professional salon blowout if you can. It will elevate the look of your daily blowout, plus it will last for days!

What to have on hand:

Tools to create this look:

How to get the look:

Inspiration: Carrie Underwood, Julia Roberts




And then there are those holiday gatherings that do not call for too much glamour and it’s okay to channel a more casual look. These are our favorite events, let’s be honest. We recommend going for a braid, or subtle waves.

What to have on hand:

Tools to create these looks:

How to get the look:

Inspiration: Blake Lively, Lauren Conrad



The holidays don’t have to be a stressful time of the year and that includes your hair. Keep things simple, book your stylist in advance, and make sure to have all the essentials on hand for any quick fixes.

Check out our YouTube channel for endless holiday hair tutorials!

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