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How-To Create a Hair Bow With Volume

Sam Villa

Author Sam Villa | CO-FOUNDER SAM VILLA©

The high ponytail is one of the most iconic up styles. So, why not have some fun with it? There are probably a hundred hair tutorials out there showing you how to create a hair bun - some easy, some not so much. In this step-by-step we'll show you how a Textur® Iron set can make this look happen in minutes and the volume that is achievable, even with fine textured hair, will leave you with a hair bow that has lots of texture, volume and personality! Here's how you do it.

Sam Villa Hair Bow Step 1

Start your ponytail by gathering all your hair to a slightly off center section in the top of your head. Use the Sam Villa Styling Brush for this - it's one of the best tools for creating a beautiful clean ponytail. Begin in the back brushing section by section towards your hand holding your length. Open your hand just enough to envold the hair you just brushed up. Once you have created a smooth & sleek ponytail, use a hair bungee to keep your ponytail securely in place. A hair bungee is a must have hair accessory for a tight pony that will last all day. No matter how thick your hair is it allows you maximum hold without losing your tension.

Sam Villa Hair Bow Step 2 Sam Villa Hair Bow Step 3

After you've brushed your hair into a high ponytail fold the length forward in a bun shape and secure with and elastic band. Leave your ends out and towards the front.

Sam Villa Hair Bow Step 4

Separate the bun down the middle into two sections.

Sam Villa Hair Bow Step 5

Divide the ends that were left out of your top bun and divide into three even sections.

Sam Villa Hair Bow Step 6

Pull the center section up and over in between your split-bun sections to create your bow.

Sam Villa Hair Bow Step 7 Sam Villa Hair Bow Step 8

Use a medium hairpin and secure the section thru your ponytail for maximum security. Finally, pull the two additional (left and right) sections to the back and secure with another medium hairpin.

Sam Villa Hair Bow Step 9

This look is so simple to achieve and by texturizing the hair first with your Sam Villa Textur® Iron it creates a gorgeous hair bow with tons of volume!

Sam Villa Hair Bow Step 10

To finish the look off, you can add a bow or other hair accessories to achieve the look you desire. Have fun and give this a try at home ... you'll love it!

Do you love this updo and want more? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below. Tell us what you would love to learn! And be sure to give this a try at home, then share your photos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using #SamVillaHowTo.

Production Team: Geneva Cowen, Tina Trafficanta, Mary Urban, Rafa Bertelli & Jeremy McDougle
Model: Kelly
Photographer: Shalem Mathew