How To Create Lift And Softness At The Crown Area For Curly Hair

Most people with curly hair want to keep length on the top of the head to help weigh down the curl, but they also want a sense of softness and movement.

Sam Villa's "Weave and Blunt" technique is great for creating lift and softness at the crown area. The amount of hair in the weave controls the width and depth of the section cut, and the ends are cut blunt to protect the integrity of the hair.

This technique allows the stylist to control the amount of hair taken out - there is no guess work, the closer the weave, the more hair is cut and vise versa.

Tools used for this technique:

For soft movement at the crown of curly hair, follow these tips:

  1. Take a section about 2.5 inches wide in the crown area and hold it up towards the ceiling.
  2. Hold your professional shear sideways and position them so that the guiding blade is on the bottom and the thumb blade is on top.
  3. Weave the guiding blade through the section (similar to a weave that you would make when highlighting) where you want to make the cut (somewhere mid to ¾ way down the hair shaft) and close the shear. You control how much hair to cut by the size of the weave - chunkier weave take out more hair than a finer weaves. The shorter pieces of hair create a softness that supports the natural texture of the curls.