How to Create Loose Waves or a Smooth Beveled Finish With Your Styling Brush and Blow Dryer

How many of you are using a round brush and blow dryer to create loose waves or to stretch the hair for a smooth finish? Are you getting the results that you desire?

In this video, Andrew Carruthers, Cultural Ambassador for Sam Villa shares two great blow drying techniques without the use of a round brush. That's right! We're changing the tools that we use to create today's looks. Sam Villa Styling Brush Blowout Technique

You'll learn how to use your styling brush and blow dryer to create loose waves– think beautiful, organic waves – and you'll also learn how to create smooth, polished hair that still has bevel and movement (say goodbye to stick straight hair!).

Tools Needed For This Technique:

Experiment with different tools to create different end results. As hairdressers standing behind the chair, it can be so easy to fall into the same routine, using the same tools over and over again.

Challenge yourself and try picking up a new tool to achieve the end result.